Flo Doyne-Ditmas

Flo Doyne-Ditmas is a British artist and maker working under the name Spring Furniture. A degree in art history established her love and understanding of the subject, always sketching and painting in her spare time. In her early career, she worked as an interior stylist in London, working on photoshoots and projects with lifestyle magazines and brands which cemented her love for design and homeware.

She takes great joy in composing sets and conceptualising all the wonderful ways spaces can be transformed. She creates ever-changing galleries projecting a style and personality influencing one's mood and wellbeing. This is something she keeps in mind when designing her unique and playful hand-painted frames.

“I like to be playful and pleasing with striking patterns and designs that are underpinned by traditional style, injecting bold but complementary colours to create an overall feeling of joyfulness.”

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Drop 5 - Winter 2022

Drop 2 - Summer 2022

“Framing is an essential part of art but often a topic over-looked. The frames, first and foremost, serve the art they house but they can also be an annexe of the piece itself. Of course, there are times when an artwork calls for a simple, almost unnoticeable surround but there are other times when art, spaces and environments call for something a bit more exciting. Working in synergy, it’s a balance between making sure the frame does not compete with the artwork but at the same announces its qualities and intentions to the viewer and connection to the broader room design”. - Flo Doyne-Ditmas, Signs of Spring

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