Julianna Chioma

Julianna Chioma is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Asheville, North Carolina. She oscillates between painting, collage, sculpture, textile, and performance to drive inquiries surrounding ideas on perception, reality, identity, and the processes involved in healing. How work is interested in how these variables converge and interact with one another to influence human behaviour.

Julianna's work examines both the aesthetic and psychological notions of children's art - she aims to recreate a naivety in her work akin to that she impulsively created as a child. 

"My style veers more towards the abstract even when aiming at figuration. I love a crude line, off-kilter imbalances, and naive gestures in art. I guess I'm always trying to recreate the art I made when I was young, that is leading with more impulse than thought" — Julianna Chioma

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'I loved the boldness of Julianna's works. Her pieces are bright and fun, and I can imagine that they would immediately bring life to any space' — Yomi Adegoke, Writer

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