Oscar Crabb

Oscar trained as a painter at The Slade School of Art, graduating in 2021. While at the Slade he became increasingly interested in reducing his impact on the environment. Naturally, this fed through into my artistic practice, and made him consider the impact of paints and their heavy metal pigments, manufacturing process, solvents etc. This set him on a path down towards working with textiles.

Oscar now uses antique and recycled textiles and natural dyes to create wall hangings depicting snapshots of natural beauty. Each step of the process is done with the overall environmental impact of the artwork in mind, striving for a holistically sustainable approach. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-sewn, and hand-dyed. 

Using historic dye techniques and antique linens, Oscar’s works are a reminder of our fleeting connection to the natural world and urge us to treasure the tenderness found in nature.

"I always want my works to be initially appreciated for their beauty, serenity, and reflection of the natural world. I aim to provide those who enjoy my work with a moment of contemplation; a moment to consider how our climate and natural world is changing - perhaps to even consider their own impact upon it."

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The Home Open Call Collection

"This collection aims to celebrate the peaceful serenity of each passing day. Each piece sits perfectly still yet captures life in its own way. Simply put, this collection is about natural life passing by. There are countless contrasts to be drawn between the pace at which we live our lives, when compared to the pace of other species, and I believe that in those contrasts there are many lessons to be learnt. Each piece in this collection aims to provide a contemplative moment where those lessons can be considered." - Oscar Crabb, Lifecycle / Passing Moments

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