Peter Evans

Peter Evans is a multidisciplinary artist from London currently living and working in Brazil.

In 2015 he was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award at Chelsea College of Art, graduating from the MA Fine Art course in 2016. A self-published book Thinking of You, Post cards: 1948-2015 was included in the Tate Library & Archive collection in 2017. More recently, Peter was in residence and had work included in a group show at Palazzo Monti in Brescia, Italy and a series of Scratchcard paintings have been included in shows at Saatchi and Delphian Galleries in London. 

In 2019, Peter moved to Brazil and has been living and working there on a ranch just outside of Rio de Janeiro.

"I aspire to make work that is easily accessible but that can lead the viewer anywhere. For me art can be fun and should be for all and I made this collection with that in mind - so the works feel almost child-like in their execution but also give the viewer a place to be and feel."

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The Artist Open Call Collection 2023

“This series began as works without meaning, a chance for me to play with form and colour after being inspired by the brightly painted houses seen while travelling in Brazil but without the ties of a pre-determined concept. I titled them 'Freedom Abstracts' at the time as I allowed myself the freedom to just play with the colours and compositions. I soon realised that I enjoyed working with a structural form, using squares, smaller boxes and circles, but I wanted them to remain playful and childlike.

After the recent birth of my daughter I have been drawn to and reading about child psychology and how allowing children to play freely within a set structure of rules provides them with the best environment to grow. I likened this to this series of paintings, that I was free to play with colour and composition but within the boundaries I had set by the painted forms.” - Peter Evans, Freedom Abstracts

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