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Sammi Lynch

Sammi Lynch creates works doused in earthy pastel smudges and silky-smooth textures, with the purpose of summoning a sense of place and memory inspired by internal and external landscapes. With oil paint or pastels, the London-based artist creates portals to vibrant, lyrical places. 

Sammi gives viewers an immersive window into a remembered or imagined world, often inspired by her time growing up in the North West of England. Wandering through burnt orange or mint green skies, heavenly peach pink dunes and swaying grasslands, there is a sense of being set adrift and overwhelmed by nature. Her paintings speak to the sublime and exalt the mundane. Lynch, who recently graduated from a scholarship program at the Royal Drawing School, has exhibited in group shows, including exhibitions at Christie’s and Buckingham Palace, and will have her first solo with Blue Shop Gallery.

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Sammi's Style

Sammi has always used drawing as a way of processing her environment and taking note of the world around her. Drawing is her form of diary writing. Her process begins outside, observing and studying the landscapes and making drawings from them using pastels. She has spent a lot of time hiking in Wales and the north of England - the landscapes from those walks are an important inspiration. 

In the studio she works from, refines, and expands upon these initial observations to create paintings, prints, and larger drawings. Often these studio works will emerge as a kind of distillation of several references, or they will interact to produce new scenes. Her move to London, has emphasised her love for the rural landscape, and her works made in the studio are filled with a tangible longing and nostalgia for those scenes and experiences.

"My work is less about a specific location or place but rather a general feeling or emotion; here landscape becomes a stand-in or substitute for something else that is less tangible but strongly experiential." - Sammi Lynch

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The Sweetest Breeze

"These drawings and prints focus on the quiet occurrences of nature. They are influenced by the landscapes that I grew up with, that have shaped my practice and that I return to regularly. Through the natural world, and the interaction of shape and colour I try to find a way to engage with more personal realms.” - Sammi Lynch, The Sweetest Breeze

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