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Multidisciplinary Artist

57/ Work In Progress With Kanica

For this edition of ‘Work In Progress’ we have invited Laura Vargas Llanas, the Spanish multidisciplinary artist working under the creative name of Kanica, to run us through her latest collection ‘Embroidered Dynamism’.

We invite you to step into her studio as she talks us through her inspiration, from the Mediterranean sunlight of Andalusia to the bold shapes of the Bauhaus movement, and her favourite parts of the crafting process behind her intricate hand-embroidered pieces.


I have recently moved to Seville in Andalusia and the lighting here is absolutely incredible. Everything seems brighter, more vivid. In my work, I always seek to explore how colours and shapes interact and combine with each other and I do that by painting the canvas with colourful yarns. However, I do feel that my latest series of works has definitely been influenced by the Mediterranean sunlight, and therefore the choice of creating even brighter colour compositions.


I mostly work with a chunky, naturally hand-dyed wool, that has a slightly felted finish and it is a real joy to embroider with, as it offers a lovely texture and vibrant colours.

Throughout my creative process, I value the simplicity of the craftsmanship, the meditative and repetitive aspect of the process, the importance of the design aesthetics, and ultimately the creative search to find the right balance between all of these elements.



My collections mostly revolve around a concept or a curiosity, it can range from a quote read in a book, to an art movement; I am particularly fascinated by the Bauhaus, or by a decorative object, but the core of it is to explore how colours and shapes interact and interplay with each other; the endless possibilities of shapes to create myriad compositions. It is a constant pursuit to appreciate texture and colour and the willingness to create bold forms by embroidering the canvas with yarn.


In this series of works entitled “Embroidered Dynamism” I wanted to explore the notion of movement. By breaking down the composition or by juxtaposing a dynamic one that has merged from a composed one, I wanted to suggest motion. Motion not only in composition but also in colour.



The song on repeat in my studio is..."Love and Hate in a Different Time" by The Gabriels. I discovered them through a friend and the singer’s voice is simply captivating. 

My muse is…Peggy Guggenheim. 

My favourite gallery is…the museum Palazzo Altemps in Rome. Magical! 

My happy place is…my home in Sevilla. 

I can’t live without…hard one, but definitely my contact lenses and my dog Lucio 


Discover Kanica's latest collection 'Embroidered Dynamism'



Embroidered Dynamism by Kanica

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