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"Partnership Editions makes the art world accessible. We curate exceptional, affordable art by the best emerging artists.”
Georgia Spray, Founder & Curator

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Drop 4- Autumn 2020

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"Accessibility in the art world is not just about price - it's about breaking down barriers in all senses and opening up the conversation. No one needs to be an expert - they just need to trust their instincts.”

FORBES, Is 2020 the best time to be an emerging artist
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Virtual Art Classes

Our virtual art workshops bring creativity to your fingertips, at home during isolation. As we believe that art is for all, these classes are free, with a voluntary donation of just £10 to The Trussell Trust for taking part.

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#PE-PEOPLE - Show us your Walls

“Like many of my friends, I have been impressed and enamoured with Partnership Editions - both in a visual sense and for its affordability and lack of pretension - since it began."

Pandora Sykes

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