The Home As Art

We're delighted to present our debut collection of Partnership Editions Home. After lockdown we have all increasingly valued the importance of making our homes havens in which everything has a story to tell and can be a work of art. Many of our artists are also makers of beautiful pieces for the home, so this is a very natural development which has also allowed artists to push the boundaries of their practice and experiment with new materials and methods.

All pieces will be shipping from 10th of November

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About Our Homeware

Just like the Bauhaus movement or Bloomsbury Group, we’re celebrating the idea that art defies medium and can blur the boundary between form and function. Challenged with a new form of canvas, 12 artists have translated their creative talents to produce ceramics, lighting, table linens, candlesticks, wall hangings and cushions.

Similarly to our art collections, Partnership Editions Home will place emphasis on curation, quality and collectible limited runs, and will be available to buy throughout the year in a series of Home Drops to complement the release of artworks.

The debut collection features work from Alessandra Chambers, Adriana Jaros, Cecilia Reeve, Frances Costelloe, Isabelle Hayman, Joseph Dupré, Julianna Byrne, Kanica, Laxmi Hussain, Petra Börner, Venetia Berry and Zahra Holm.

"Learning a new craft brings to the surface genuine shapes and urges. This is a naive look into uniquely designed details that aim at merging the fine line between art and design; aesthetics and function." - Adriana Jaros

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