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Vogue Australia, September 2020

How to curate your walls on a budget

Our founder Georgia Spray talks to Vogue Living about accesible art and details how to build out an art collection and curate your walls on a budget.

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Wicklewood, September 2020

House Guest:Rose Electra Harris

PE artist Rose Electra Harris talks to Wicklewood about her creative practice, interiors and colour philosophy.

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Pieces, September 2020

Desert Island Pieces: With Georgia Spray

Our founder, Georgia Spray, talks to Pieces about the eight works of art that have shaped her life.

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The Times, August 2020

How to buy artwork that suits your style

PE founder Georgia Spray talks with Katrina Burroughs about art in lockdown. "We found a lot of people wanted to support new talent, at a time when independent makers and young artists’ livelihoods were on the line.” - Georgia Spray

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Vogue, August 2020

Where To Find The Best Prints, Posters & Affordable Art For Your Home

Sophie Ashby talks best places to find affordable art and includes Partnership Editions in her favourit's list. 

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House & Garden, July 2020 

Artist Ruby Kean shares ten tips for collaging

To celebrate her latest collection of beautiful collage works, Ruby Kean has shared ten tips for creating your own lovely piece.

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Irish Tatler, June 2020

Art & Commerce

Online gallery Partnership Editions has democratised home finishes by making up-and-coming artist affordable and available to all. Here, founder Georgia Spray discusses her inspirations with Sarah Macken.

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The Tory Daily, May 2020

A Fresh Way to Create a Gallery-Worthy Wall

Collecting art can be daunting endeavor. It’s a commitment to a certain piece at a sometimes-intimidating price.

“Partnership Editions is designed to provide an entry-point for collecting art, where anyone can engage with emerging artists in a new way,” says Spray of her London-based business.

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Toast Magazine, May 2020

Venetia Berry | Abstract Lines

Partnership Edition's artist Venetia Berry talks with Toast Magazine about her background, work during isolation and her virtual class with Toast.

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Art She Says, May 2020

Georgia Spray On How to Create an Art Collection Without Breaking the Bank

Georgia Spray, the creator of Partnership Editions, speaks to us about setting affordable price points and evolving her business, as well as her top tips for new collectors on a budget.

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How To Spend It, May 2020

Four stress busters for #MentalHealth AwarenessWeek

On the eve of Mental Health Awareness Week, at a time when anxiety levels are particularly high, mindful activities have come to the fore.

“Finding a dedicated moment to create something provides both peace and introspection,” says Finch, one of the artists offering online classes through Partnership Editions

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Elle Deco, May 2020

Cool & Collected

It can be confusing, and at times inhibiting, but at-home curating is starting to change. Meet the Brit pioneers demystifying the act of buying original art. Here, we’ve picked four figures at the forefront of the accessible art revolution.

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Harper's Bazaar, May 2020

Press Pause, Christabel Blackburn's paintings imbue city life with a reassuring stillness.

Whether depicting peaceful solitude or conspiratorial conver- sation, these evocative vignettes convey the universality of human experiences. Blackburn is also adept at capturing individual subjects: her subtle likenesses of Lemn Sissay, Elaine Paige and Nile Rodgers, for which she has just been awarded Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year 2020 prize, are full of character.

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Vogue, April 2020

A Foolproof Guide To Creating A Gorgeous Still Life With What You Have At Home

Harris shares her foolproof guide to capturing your surroundings at home, no matter what you’ve got on hand; read them below, then head to Partnership Editions to watch her video demonstrations in full.

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Vogue, April 2020

A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Colourful, Therapeutic Drawings

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of having to spend your days in lockdown crafting your magnum opus, consider tuning into Jessica Yolanda Kaye’s workshops for leading affordable gallery Partnership Editions – available for free with a voluntary donation to the The Trussell Trust.

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Vogue, April 2020

A Step-By-Step to creating beautiful abstract portraits

The first in a series of free art tutorials from leading affordable gallery Partnership Editions, “Abstracting The Nude” sees Berry walk viewers through her creative process step by step, from preliminary sketches to finished work – while “Drawing The Portrait”

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The Telegraph, April 2020

New hobbies and creative projects for adults to try at home during lockdown.

Partnership Edition's Alexandria Coe talks to The Telegraph about staying busy during self isolation. “Drawing has always been my own personal form of stress release, because it works like medication. It takes you out of your saturated thoughts and requires you to concentrate on one thing.”

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Financial Times, House & Home, March 2020

How to curate your own art collection.

Luke Edward Hall talks all about collecting original art and recommends Partnership Editions. "My favourite is Jonathan Schofield, who studied under Peter Doig at the Royal Academy. Schofield’s paintings are expressive and energetic, not to mention vividly colourful, so naturally they appeal to me."

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 The Modern House, March 2020

Five interior ideas to plan your next renovation with, or daydream about in self-isolation

Partnerships Editions’ roster of emerging and mid-career artists offers access to exciting and vibrant artworks in the form of limited editions and original pieces. If you’re not in a position to buy right now, just looking at Jonathan Schofield’s colourful depictions of gelato and lemons will have you looking to brighter days ahead.

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House & Garden, March 2020 

Stylish Creatives on Working From Home

Our Founder Georgia Spray shares her tips on how to work from home and how to keep creative.

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House & Garden | Stylish Creatives Article | Partnership Editions

Sunday Telegraph | Tips to Refresh Your Home | Partnership Editions

The Sunday Telegraph, March 2020

25 Tips for Giving Your Home An Affordable Spring Refresh

Our Founder Georgia Spray gives her tips on how to make the most of the art you own in your home. She suggested moving around your pieces and not worrying about a symmetrical hang


Sheerluxe, February 2020

How to Start Buying Art

In recent years, online galleries and inclusive fairs have done a lot to break down the pretence around the art world. If you're keen to buy a piece for your home, or just want to understand a bit more about art, there are plenty of accessible people and places to tap in to – no matter what your budget. Here are eight pointers by Partnership Editions founder Georgia Spray.

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Town & Country, February 2020

Taking Shape, Pure and Simple

Frances Costelloe's delicate ink designs bring creative character to the home. Her recent collection include a series of prints inspired by the V&A's statue gallery for Partnership Editions.

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The Financial Times, February 2020

Back to the drawing board.

Partnership Editions artists Isabella Cotier, Fee Greening and Rose Electra Harris are featured in this article about the famous Caran D'Ache crayons and pencils used by the likes of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.

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Stylist, February 2020

10 dreamy instagram accounts to follow for home interiors inspiration

There is a whole world of creativity and interior design innovation awaiting you on Instagram. We’ve picked out our top ten favourite interior design and decor accounts, which we think will make your life that little bit easier. 

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House & Garden, January 2020

Things to put in frames: Rose Electra Harris

In our online series 'Things to Put in Frames', we give our readers the chance to print artworks by up and coming artists. Below you will find easy-to-download works that can be printed to any size and on to any kind of paper; ready to be hung, framed or propped. In this edition, bright and colourful paintings by Rose Electra Harris, plus a short film with the artist in her studio.

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House & Garden, January 2020

Things to Put in Frames: Venetia Berry

In our online series 'Things to Put in Frames', we give our readers the chance to print artworks by up and coming artists. Below you will find easy-to-download works that can be printed to any size and on to any kind of paper; ready to be hung, framed or propped. In this edition, abstract female forms by Venetia Berry, plus a short film with the artist in her studio.

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House & Garden, January 2020

Things to put in frames: Isabella Cotier

In our online series 'Things to Put in Frames', we give our readers the chance to print artworks by up and coming artists. Below you will find easy-to-download works that can be printed to any size and on to any kind of paper; ready to be hung, framed or propped. In this edition, witty, graphic sketches by Isabella Cotier, plus a short film with the artist in her studio.

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Our founder, Georgia Spray, talked to the FT Weekend about getting creative in the new year. The article explores how more people are ‘getting crafty’ and using creative classes as the ‘perfect digital detox’.


Forbes, December 2019

Is 2020 the best time to be an emerging artist?

Speaking of her journey so far, Georgia Spray comments, “Initially there was a fair amount of resistance from the "Traditional Art World", but the art world has gone digital in so many more ways than just selling art online.

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Our Founder, Georgia Spray, was interviewed for The Times about how Partnership Editions democratises the art world, giving more people the opportunity to be a part of a community and buy beautiful art on a budget.

“Spray develops relationships with artists on her website, with whom she runs exhibitions, panel events and life-drawing classes, along with drop-in consultations to help to demystify the art work and discuss how to start a collection that fits within a budget.”

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Our founder Georgia Spray, is named ‘one to watch’ by Homes and Gardens. She discusses everything from her love of art books to the upcoming plans for Partnership Editions.

We open up new ways to experience art by inviting collectors, artists and collaborators into a relaxed space’



The Birth of It Art | Financial Times

The Financial Times, August 2019

The Birth of It Art

Grace Cook meets the stylish young curators promoting fashion's favourite artists. 

"Never before have emerging artists enjoyed such fashionability: this is not the era of the It bag, but of It art."

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Living Etc, August 2019

Georgia Spray, founder of online gallery Partnership Editions, on celebrating female nudes and why a relaxing holiday is a thing of the past.

"I realised there was a gap in the market for selling art to people like me, who want it in their homes rather than as an investment"

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Grazia, July 2019

Grazia's Life Skills, How to buy art without breaking the bank.

Georgia says, "Ultimately, it’s about buying something you connect with and actually living with it. You should buy because the piece or the artist’s story resonates with you; that’s the real investment."

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Coinciding with International Women’s Day on Friday, art platform Partnership Editions is launching a new exhibition that sees four of their artists taking on the female nude. The medium is traditionally seen through the ‘male gaze’, but Fee Greening, Alexandria Coe, Hester Finch and Venetia Berry have created new original nudes from the female perspective.

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Nude on Pink with Rubber Plant   Hester Finch  

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 13.17.52.png




Titian’s portrayal of a voluptuous goddess in Venus Rising from the Sea is among the selection of female nudes, all painted by men, on display at the Royal Academy from March. Glorious as it is, the exhibition is a stark reminder of the dominance of the male gaze in portraiture. As a timely counterpoint, the online gallery Partnership Editions is launching a show to which women artists including Venetia Berry, Alexa Coe and Hester Finch have contributed their own bold depictions of the female figure. ‘There is an increasing appetite to see women in a new, non-objectified light,’ says Georgia Spray, the gallery’s founder. 






If you’ve never bought anything more than a poster for your home, where should you begin with starting a collection? Start by getting your eye in before you buy. I love going to museums and galleries and buy postcards of all the things I love to keep as a memento, as well as saving things that I love on Instagram – whether artworks or pictures of people’s art collections or homes. Then have a look through and see what styles you are drawn to and start to think about how you can acquire those artworks or search for similar pieces.

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I’ve seen first-hand how corporate the art world can be: It’s a circular market, all being set by those within it. There are many things, however small, that go on unregulated. However, my years inside and as part of it were a great training.

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 Because Magazine, January 2019

Brains: Meet - Making art affordable

Nowadays, a lot of people are collecting artists as if they’re a brand – an investment that they can buy and put into their vault. People are purchasing a name, rather than an artist’s story or for the enjoyment of a particular piece. 
I’ve always wanted to bring it back to the raw creativity, to the reality – particularly in an industry that may be losing sight of itself.

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The Telegraph, October 2018

The expert guide to buying, framing and hanging art in your home

The right artwork can make a masterpiece of any room - and it's easy when you know how. Read on for expert lessons in collecting, framing and hanging art in your home.

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Daily Telegraph, September 2018

‘Buy what you love. The investment is the pleasure it will give you’

Georgia Spray tells Jessica Salter how to cover your walls in artworks - and it won't break the bank.

‘I wanted to sell art to people like me, who wanted it in their homes rather than as pieces stored in a vault’

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ES Magazine, August 2018

Interior Insiders

They’re the bright young things making London’s homes pop — and bringing #interiorsinspo to your Instagram feed. From the cactus guru to the art aficionado, Frankie McCoy meets the capital’s new in-crowd.

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British Vogue, July 2018

6 Tips For Becoming an Art Collector 


When Georgia Spray's friends began asking her where they could buy affordable art, the 28-year-old Christie's and White Cube alumnus saw a gap in the market. She launched Partnership Editions in 2017, a curated platform that connects accessibly-priced, original artworks by emerging artists with would-be collectors - which makes her ideally placed to advise...

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6 Tips For Becoming an Art Collector | Vogue

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