Lily Bertrand-Webb

Lily Bertrand-Webb is a West London-based artist from Dominican and English heritage. From a young age,  photography and film have helped her overcome the difficulties of losing her hearing. Never one to be held back she taught herself to lipread and celebrates her other senses through the visual representation of her experience of the world as a half deaf and half hearing person.

She graduated from Bournemouth Arts Institute in 2011 with a BA Photography degree and took part in an internship with artist and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson. She went on to work for a photography gallery in Fitzrovia alongside Dorothy Bohm.

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Lily's Style

Lily is fascinated by the honest and dynamic portraits of the youth of photographers like Nan Goldin, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Juergen Teller as well as the icons of the surrealist movement, Man Ray, Lee Miller, and Picasso between many. Her work is influenced by these artists, translating these vibrant characteristics into her own portraits of urban and rural Britain.

"My photographs celebrates the jewels Britiain, the cityscapes and country life.  A collection of modern day Britain, urban and rural, daytime outdoors stuff as well as fashionable nightlife shots. From the urban London streets to the rural Yorkshire Moores, wild Cornish Heath, Wild Cornish waves." 

“As an artist, I am constantly searching for the imitation of sounds in my daily life, through both silence and the electronic sounds that my cochlear implant gives me." - Lily Bertrand-Webb

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