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Welcome to our journal featuring our favourite tastemakers across the worlds of fashion, art, food, interiors, design and more. Find out how they launched their ventures, what inspires them and shop each interviewee's curation of artworks for Partnership Editions.

  • 50/ The Tastemaker: Paboy Bojang

    Craftsman, Designer and Founder of In Casa by Paboy

    To celebrate our 50th Journal we have invited a very special tastemaker, the craftsman and founder behind homeware brand ‘In Casa by Paboy’, Paboy Bojang. Paboy is not only influencing the creative industries with his unique and colourful designs but also with his drive to make a change for refugees and asylum-seekers all over the world. Here he gives us some insight into the tough and formative journey that has lead him to create his namesake brand, the art that inspires him, and the hopes he has for ‘In Casa’ and the people around him.

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  • 49/ Work In Progress With Adriana Jaros

    Multidisciplinary Artist & Concept Designer

    For the second edition of ‘Work In Progress’, Adriana Jaros shows us around Anchor Studio in Newlyn, Cornwall, the place that allowed her to explore the passions and urges in her practice resulting in her latest collection, “Anchored, Here”. Here she tells us more about her time at this residency during the summer of 2021, the breathtaking surroundings, and the slower pace of life that nurtured her latest body of work through intense emotions. She runs us through some of her favourite pieces and how time and openness changed her creative process.

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  • 48/ Work In Progress With Lottie Hampson

    Artist & Photographer

    Introducing a new arm to our journal, Work In Progress… In this series, we hand it over to our artists to explain the creative process and inspiration behind their latest collections. To launch the series we have invited Lottie Hampson, artist and photographer, who has recently released a mixed media collection of still life pieces. We invite you to step into her studio as she runs us through this new ‘tactile way of making’, her experience with the various techniques she used, and how a Hampstead ponds grocery shop inspired her to use the fruit and vegetables featured in her series 'Still Life'.

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  • 47/ In The Studio With Pollyanna Johnson

    Fine Artist and Ceramicist

    For this ‘In the Studio’ feature, we chat with new Partnership Editions artist Pollyanna Johnson about the process behind creating her beautiful ceramic pieces. She takes us inside her studio, sharing insights on her debut collection 'Eyes That Follow You' and the influences that shape her work from English delftware to the Guerrilla Girls.

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  • 46/ In The Studio With Joseph Dupré

    Artist, Designer and Medical Doctor

    We are so excited to have welcomed Joseph Dupré to our roster of artists with the release of his debut series ‘Harlequins & Heifers’. This collection of 16 original decorative pieces draws inspiration from various sources and styles throughout history while always remaining humorous and playful. Here we get to chat with him about his background, influences, and his favourite ceramic techniques and materials.

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  • 45/ In The Studio With Joshua Perkin


    We are so thrilled to launch this ‘In The Studio With’ feature where we get to know Joshua Perkin. His debut collection 'Pruning The Conversation Tree' is a series of ten works on canvas and five works on paper produced during the summer of 2021 in Viladellops, a vineyard in Cataluña. Here we delve into his background, inspiration, and the relationship between labour and artistic production that still informs his work today

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  • 44/ Hang With Camilla Perkins

    Artist and Illustrator

    For this ‘Hang With’ feature we step into the Lewes home, studio and shed of Camilla Perkins. Through her art, hand-painted furniture and extensive collection of antiques she has turned these spaces into havens of creativity and inspiration. Growing up near Charleston, Camilla was influenced from a young age by their colourful patterned furniture and vibrant gardens, an influence that can be clearly seen through her unique home decor. In this Journal piece she shares her tips to adding personality to a home, her first memories of Charleston, and the experience of working alongside her husband Jack on her now iconic hand-painted stools.

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  • 43/ How To Start A Photography Collection With Daisy Hoppen

    Founder of DH-PR

    For this ‘How To’ feature we have invited Daisy Hoppen, founder of DH-PR and photography lover, to share with us her tips and wisdom on how to start a photography collection. Having grown up surrounded by photography in her father’s gallery, Michael Hoppen Gallery, her incredible curatorial eye and creative mind are evident in her work today and the way she displays her beautiful home. We hope you enjoy her words of advice as much as we did and are able to put them to use in starting to collect the wonderful medium that is photography.

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  • 42/ Hang With Des Lewis

    Stylist, Art Director & Consultant

    For this Hang With piece, we are stepping into the chic contemporary home of stylist, art director and consultant Des Lewis. Here, Des shows us around her East London Victorian terrace house, where she lives with her husband, daughter and dog, and she runs us through her incredible photography collection and treasured art coffee table books. We hope you enjoy this chat with Des as we take inspiration from her beautiful styling and discover the stories behind her favourite art pieces.

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  • 41/ The Tastemaker: Estée Lalonde

    Creative Director, Content Creator & Founder of MIRROR WATER

    For this Tastemaker feature, we get to talk to Estée Lalonde, the creative director, content creator, and recent founder of the lifestyle community, MIRROR WATER. After over a decade of work in the creative industries, Estée has established herself as an indisputable tastemaker, sharing her interests and findings with the audience she’s built over the years. Her new venture opens up difficult dialogues of self-reflection through content curation and mindful exploration. We hope you enjoy this honest chat about meaningful experiences, the pieces that bring joy to her home, and the beginnings of her platform MIRROR WATER.

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  • 40/ Hang With Georgie Hyatt

    Co-Founder & CEO of ROTARO

    For our 40th Journal feature, we are stepping into the beautiful Primrose Hill home of CEO and Co-Founder of the leading fashion rental platform ROTARO, Georgie Hyatt. Having recently worked hand in hand with Georgie on the rotating exhibition of emerging art exhibited at the Rotaro Summer Pop-Up, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of chatting with her about her relationship with art and her personal and home styling. Join us as she guides us through her favourite art and decor pieces in her London period apartment and shares her tips on where to buy stylish antiques.

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  • 39/ In The Studio With Lily Bertrand-Webb


    We are so thrilled to launch this ‘In The Studio With’ feature where we chat to the latest addition to the team, photographer Lily Bertrand-Webb. Her first PE collection, 'The Precious Stone' is a wonderful photographic series of the peoples, landscapes, and memories of Britain through her eyes. Here we get to know more about her background, her inspiration, and the challenges she faced after losing her hearing from a young age, and how she overcomes them through her art and visual communication.

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  • 38/ In The Studio With Lottie Hampson

    Photographer and artist

    For this ‘In The Studio With’ feature we are so excited to present new Partnership Editions artist, photographer Lottie Hampson, who will be joining the team with the launch of her debut collection, A Sense of Place. Here we get to know more about her and her practice, from her creative upbringing and training to her favourite processes and techniques. We hope you will love the addition of photography to our art range, and discovering the wonderful work artists like Lottie bring on.

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  • 37/ Hang With Mary Binding

    Product for a large luxury fashion ecommerce platform

    In this “Hang With” feature, we talk to Mary Binding, the lead product manager for a luxury fashion e-commerce platform who is behind the Instagram account, Pevensey House, documenting the renovation journey of her art-filled East London Victorian home. Step inside the PE collector's home and discover more about her first art purchases, her essentials for a happy home, and how she achieves her signature modern eclectic style.

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  • 36/ Conversations With Friends - Cecilia Reeve and Serena Fokschaner

    PE Artist & Design and Interiors Journalist

    For this Conversations With Friends feature we get to be a fly on the wall as PE artist Cecilia Reeve, and her mother, design and interiors journalist, Serena Fokschaner, exchange questions about their personal and professional backgrounds, and share their earliest memories about their greatest passions, art and reading. We hope you enjoy this honest peek into the life and relationship of the mother-daughter duo, as we share pictures from their cherished family photo albums, and look into Cecilia’s latest collection, 'Sunbeams and Reflections'.

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  • 35/ The Tastemaker: Julius Arthur

    Founder of House of Quinn & Author of Modern Quilting

    For the first Tastemaker feature of the year, we have invited contemporary textile designer and founder of House of Quinn, Julius Arthur, to chat about his work and inspiration. Julius first caught our eye through his striking Instagram feed featuring his endless hand-stitched creations, that can be classed as functional works of modern abstract art.

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  • 34/ Hang With Mads Montagu-Andrews

    Founder of Studio Bust and MadHoneyLondon

    In this Hang With feature, we step into the beautiful Hampshire home of Mads Montagu-Andrews, founder and creative behind the interior and bespoke gift brand, MadHoneyLondon, and Studio Bust, which was recently launched with the mission to champion and celebrate the female form through 3D printed bespoke busts. Here we chat to Mads about her earliest memories of art, the origins and inspiration behind Studio Bust, and the art of juggling motherhood with a busy schedule.

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  • 33/ In The Studio With Nathalie Jolivert

    Artist and Architect

    For this ‘In The Studio With’ feature, we are so thrilled to introduce Nathalie Jolivert and chat to her about her journey to becoming an artist, the influences that have formed her style, and the inspiration behind her first PE collection, The Beach Goers, ahead of the launch on 28th of April.

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  • 32/ In The Studio With Tiffanie Delune

    Mixed Media Artist

    We are so thrilled to present this edition of ‘In The Studio With’, where we get to know Tiffanie Delune who has joined our team of artists with the launch of her debut collection ‘BEING’. Here, we get to learn more about Tiffanie’s background, inspiration, and the root of her unmistakable style founded in the intersection between figuration and abstraction.

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  • 31/ How to Start a Print Collection

    With the modern art world leaving elitism behind, prints have become a key player in helping collectors with different budgets to own limited edition artworks without breaking the bank. In this Partnership Editions guide, we hope to help you understand the different types of prints that are available, and what is useful to consider when choosing an artwork.

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  • 30/ How To Curate A Collection of Forever Pieces With Olive Wakefield

    Founder of PIECES and Editor at Porter Magazine

    For this very special ‘How To’ feature we have invited self-proclaimed ‘chronic collector’, antiques curator and arts and culture writer, Olive Wakefield, to give us her tips and tricks to building a collection of unique forever pieces. Founder of the eclectic interiors platform, PIECES, Olive is an expert at picking up pre-loved pieces and giving them a new lease of life.

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  • 29/ In The Studio With Laxmi Hussain


    We are so happy to present this edition of ‘In The Studio With’, where we get to chat to the latest addition to the Partnership Editions family of artists, Laxmi Hussain. Her debut collection ‘She’s In The Daisies’ launched last week at a very special time when the entire world is celebrating women and the varying forms of motherhood. Here, we get to learn more about the emotion and sentiment behind this very personal collection as well as Laxmi’s background and training.

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  • 28/ A Celebration Of Womanhood With Our Artists

    Partnership Editions Artists

    For this very special journal edition we are celebrating the talented and passionate group of female artists at Partnership Editions, many of whom are mothers. We wanted to share their views and thoughts on the female experience working and living in such a competitive industry.

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  • 27/ Hang With Tina Liu

    Founder of The Curator's Apartment

    In this Hang With feature, we step into The Curator’s Apartment, founded by the talented and stylish property developer, Tina Liu. Based in a Grade II listed building in the Walcot area of Bath, art is part of the identity of this holiday-rental and has also become the new home for its own Artist Residency offering emerging artists a stay in the apartment in return for a work of art.

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  • 26/ In The Studio With Rebecca Sammon


    We are so proud to have welcomed Rebecca Sammon to our wonderful roster of artists, having recently launched her debut collection with us. In this 'In The Studio With Rebecca Sammon' interview we get to know the artist behind ‘Foliole’ as we chat about her background, creative process, and the magical narratives that inform her work.

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  • 25/ In The Studio With Adriana Jaros

    Multidisciplinary Artist

    We are so excited to share ‘In The Studio With Adriana Jaros’, a very special journal feature where we get to know this talented multidisciplinary artist who will be joining the Partnership Editions family with her debut collection, Encompassing Memories, on Wednesday 24th of February. Here we chat about her beginnings, influences and her desire to create an enriched experience by combining various creative elements like sound and three-dimensional elements rather than just visual art.

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  • 24/ Conversations With Friends - Lisa and David Hardy

    PE artists

    In this very special edition of Conversations with Friends we get to take a peek into the life and work of Partnership Edition artists, and husband and wife duo, Lisa and David Hardy. Here, our favourite creative couple look back at their college years, where they first met, sharing the advice they would give to their ‘young art school selves’. They also give us a look at their daily work routines, as well as what keeps them inspired.

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  • 23/ The Tastemaker: Katharina Herold

    Founder of Heroldian Art Concepts

    For this Journal feature we catch up with Katharina Herold, the founder and undeniable tastemaker behind Heroldian Art Concepts and Heroldian Journal. Born into a family of art enthusiasts, she pursued her passion for helping people through the personal journey of art collecting, helping her clients expand their curiosity and creativity by mixing contemporary art with their existing art collections. Her beautiful Instagram account is filled with images of her eclectic and elegant studio, an incredible source of inspiration for art styling.

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  • 22/ Conversation With Friends - Alessandra Chambers and Ana Kerin

    Multi-media Artist x Ceramist and Founder of Kana London

    For the first Conversations with Friends feature of 2021 we get to read this refreshing exchange of questions between PE artist and founder of hand-made homewares and interior art studio AEAND, Alessandra Chambers, and ceramist, sculptor, and founder of Kana London, Ana Kerin. We love being a fly on the wall as they discuss their unique work processes, how they deal with creative block, nostalgia, and the importance of a good working space.

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  • 21/ Hang With Grace Cook

    Freelance Writer

    For our first Hang With feature of 2021 we're stepping into the home of the freelance journalist Grace Cook, whose wonderful writing has been featured in the likes of the Financial Times, Vogue, Wallpaper*, The New York Times and more. Grace has been hugely supportive of Partnership Editions through the years, sharing our work through her writing as well as acquiring an impressive collection of artworks.

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  • 20/ The Art of Christmas With Alex Hely-Hutchinson

    Founder of 26 Grains and Stoney Street

    For our fourth editions of “The Art of Christmas”, we have the pleasure to welcome Alex Hely-Hutchinson, founder of culinary hotspots 26 Grains of Neal's Yard and Stoney Street, who gives us an insight into her Christmas rituals through the years and shares her recipe for Spiced Apple Donuts to help make this festive season a little more special.

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  • 19/ The Art of Christmas With Hazel Gardiner

    Floral artist and Founder of Hazel Gardiner Design

    For our third edition of “The Art of Christmas”, favourite foral artist and designer Hazel Gardiner gives us an insight into her Christmas rituals and favourite tips and tricks to making your own unique wreath this festive season.

    Read the full interview
  • 18/ The Art of Christmas With Julianna Byrne


    For our second edition of “The Art of Christmas”, Julianna Byrne talks about creativity during this festive season and gives us a look into her annual collection of hand-painted ceramic baubles and the small series of original works on paper inspired by the nostalgic magic of Christmas at home.

    Read the full interview
  • 17/ The Art of Christmas With Ruby Kean

    Collage Artist and Interior Designer

    Today we are thrilled to introduce a new arm to our Journal - “The Art of Christmas”. Here, PE artists and some of our favourite makers will gives us an insight into their practice and give us tips on how to make this festive season even more special. On this first edition we have our talented PE artist Ruby Kean, who uses her exceptional collage making skills to make these beautiful Christmas cards.

    Read the full interview
  • 16/ Hang With Mariell Lind Hansen

    Photographer and Founder of Benk + Bo

    For our second edition of Hang With, we step inside the wonderfully curated, mid-century home of Mariell Lind Hansen. Mariell is a great friend of Georgia and Partnership Editions, as she runs the creative co-working space Benk + Bo, where we hosted our very first exhibition with Alexandria Coe in 2018 and where Georgia held a residency from 2018-2019. Get a look into her home and discover how she styles her PE art collection.

    Read the full interview
  • 15/ Conversations with Friends - Christabel Blackburn x Kate Bryan

    Artist x Art historian, presenter and Head of Collections at Soho House

    In this Conversations with Friends we're a fly on the wall at a recent studio visit with art historian, curator and Head of Collections at Soho House - Kate Bryan, and PE artist Christabel Blackburn. Kate visited Christabel ahead of her online exhibition that launches with us on 4th November, Pavements, to see the new collection of works. The two first met when filming Portrait Artist of The Year, the Sky Arts programme which Kate was a judge on, and which Christabel featured on two years in a row - winning the 2020 edition.

    Read the full interview
  • 14/ How to Use Mindfulness to Harness Your Creativity by Venetia Berry

    In this guide, PE artist Venetia Berry gives us her tips on meditation based on her personal search for mindfulness to make the most of her creative self. 

    “Meditation and mindfulness have really changed my life for the better, so I wanted to convey my personal relationship with them.”- Venetia Berry

    Read the full interview
  • 12/ Conversations with Friends - Ruby Kean x Jill Burrow

    Collage artist and interior designer x photographer and set designer

    Introducing Conversations with Friends - Here, we invite a Partnership Editions artist to choose a friend, muse, fellow artist or family member with whom they exchange questions and dialogue, giving you a totally fresh and intimate insight into the work and lives of both. Kicking off the series is collage artist and interior designer, Ruby Kean, who has selected photographer and set-designer Jill Burrow. The pair had been long time fans of each others work, and recently collaborated on a photoshoot that depicted dream-like picnic scenes that were the perfect form of escapism in lockdown.

    Read the full interview
  • 11/ Hang With Charlie Collins

    Founder of Creative Wardrobe

    To launch our new journal series, "Hang With", which profiles our amazing collectors, we talk to vintage-hunter and sustainable fashion guru, Charlie Collins. In 2019, having built up an amazing CV in the vintage fashion world, working at Vestiaire Collective, Smart Works Charity and William Vintage, Charlie founded her own business, Creative Wardrobe - which provides wardrobe detoxes and curates amazing vintage sales on instagram. Step inside her home and discover how she styles her PE art collection.

    Read the full interview
  • 09/ The Pioneer: Maya Njie

    Perfumier and photographer

    Maya Njie is a Swedish-born perfumier whose artisanal blends are inspired by photos from old family albums. As a pioneer in her field, curator of smells and memories, and former artist, who better than to curate her own edit of artworks for us. We chat to Maya about how she started the brand, and what keeps her inspired.

    Read the full interview
  • 08/ The Tastemaker: Linda Sofia Ring

    Sourdough Bread Artist, Stylist and Photographer

    Introducing Linda Sofia Ring, who first caught our eye with her amazing instagram account where she shares the loaves of bread that she's baked that are more like works of art. She even once made a load inspired by Partnership Editions' artists! We caught up with Linda to discuss her bread creations, which artists inspire her, how she approaches collecting art and how she's adapting her routine to lockdown. She's also shared her sourdough recipe with us and tips on how to create a starter - the perfect challenge for quarantine.

    Read the full interview
  • 06/ The Pioneer: Joanna Payne

    Founder of Marguerite London

    For International Women's Day, read our interview with Joanna Payne, Founder of Marguerite London. Find out what inspired her to launch the members club and networking platform for women in the creative industries, who her female mentors are and which Partnership Editions artists she'd add to her art collection.

    Read the full interview
  • 05 / The Tastemakers: Stine Goya and Thomas Hertz

    Founders of the fashion label

    We find out about how art influences their work, exciting projects ahead and they select a special curation of dream artworks from...

    Read the full interview
  • 04/ The Tastemaker: Rejina Pyo

    Founder of The Eponymous Fashion Label

    We interview award winning fashion designer, Rejina Pyo, known for her sculptural art-inspired collections. This coincides with her pop-up in London where Rejina chose a curation of Partnership Editions artworks to be exhibited. We discuss what inspired the aesthetic of this pop-up - which combined fashion, books, art, ceramics and interior design.

    Read the full interview
  • 03/ The Tastemaker: Pandora Sykes

    Journalist and Speaker

    For International Women’s Day co-founder of The High Low Podcast, Pandora Sykes, makes a guest curation of artworks from our exhibition How She Looks. This coincides with our panel talk at The Royal Academy about The Female Gaze, with Alexandria Coe, Hester Finch, Venetia Berry and Fee Greening. Read the full feature.

    Read the full interview
  • 02 / The Tastemaker: Charlie Porter

    Founder of Tat London and Antiques Treasure Hunter

    We chat to Charlie Porter, Founder of the antiques website and instagram account, Tat London, about where she sources her treasures, what interior designers she loves and what lies ahead for the business.

    Read the full interview

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