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Welcome to our journal featuring our favourite tastemakers across the worlds of fashion, art, food, interiors, design and more. Find out how they launched their ventures, what inspires them and shop each interviewee's curation of artworks for Partnership Editions.

  • 16/ Hang With Mariell Lind Hansen

    Photographer and Founder of Benk + Bo

    For our second edition of Hang With, we step inside the wonderfully curated, mid-century home of Mariell Lind Hansen. Mariell is a great friend of Georgia and Partnership Editions, as she runs the creative co-working space Benk + Bo, where we hosted our very first exhibition with Alexandria Coe in 2018 and where Georgia held a residency from 2018-2019. Get a look into her home and discover how she styles her PE art collection.

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  • 15/ Conversations with Friends - Christabel Blackburn x Kate Bryan

    Artist x Art historian, presenter and Head of Collections at Soho House

    In this Conversations with Friends we're a fly on the wall at a recent studio visit with art historian, curator and Head of Collections at Soho House - Kate Bryan, and PE artist Christabel Blackburn. Kate visited Christabel ahead of her online exhibition that launches with us on 4th November, Pavements, to see the new collection of works. The two first met when filming Portrait Artist of The Year, the Sky Arts programme which Kate was a judge on, and which Christabel featured on two years in a row - winning the 2020 edition.

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  • 14/ How to Use Mindfulness to Harness Your Creativity by Venetia Berry

    In this guide, PE artist Venetia Berry gives us her tips on meditation based on her personal search for mindfulness to make the most of her creative self. 

    “Meditation and mindfulness have really changed my life for the better, so I wanted to convey my personal relationship with them.”- Venetia Berry

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  • 12/ Conversations with Friends - Ruby Kean x Jill Burrow

    Collage artist and interior designer x photographer and set designer

    Introducing Conversations with Friends - Here, we invite a Partnership Editions artist to choose a friend, muse, fellow artist or family member with whom they exchange questions and dialogue, giving you a totally fresh and intimate insight into the work and lives of both. Kicking off the series is collage artist and interior designer, Ruby Kean, who has selected photographer and set-designer Jill Burrow. The pair had been long time fans of each others work, and recently collaborated on a photoshoot that depicted dream-like picnic scenes that were the perfect form of escapism in lockdown.

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  • 11/ Hang With Charlie Collins

    Founder of Creative Wardrobe

    To launch our new journal series, "Hang With", which profiles our amazing collectors, we talk to vintage-hunter and sustainable fashion guru, Charlie Collins. In 2019, having built up an amazing CV in the vintage fashion world, working at Vestiaire Collective, Smart Works Charity and William Vintage, Charlie founded her own business, Creative Wardrobe - which provides wardrobe detoxes and curates amazing vintage sales on instagram. Step inside her home and discover how she styles her PE art collection.

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  • 09/ The Pioneer: Maya Njie

    Perfumier and photographer

    Maya Njie is a Swedish-born perfumier whose artisanal blends are inspired by photos from old family albums. As a pioneer in her field, curator of smells and memories, and former artist, who better than to curate her own edit of artworks for us. We chat to Maya about how she started the brand, and what keeps her inspired.

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  • 08/ The Tastemaker: Linda Sofia Ring

    Sourdough Bread Artist, Stylist and Photographer

    Introducing Linda Sofia Ring, who first caught our eye with her amazing instagram account where she shares the loaves of bread that she's baked that are more like works of art. She even once made a load inspired by Partnership Editions' artists! We caught up with Linda to discuss her bread creations, which artists inspire her, how she approaches collecting art and how she's adapting her routine to lockdown. She's also shared her sourdough recipe with us and tips on how to create a starter - the perfect challenge for quarantine.

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  • 06/ The Pioneer: Joanna Payne

    Founder of Marguerite London

    For International Women's Day, read our interview with Joanna Payne, Founder of Marguerite London. Find out what inspired her to launch the members club and networking platform for women in the creative industries, who her female mentors are and which Partnership Editions artists she'd add to her art collection.

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  • 05 / The Tastemakers: Stine Goya and Thomas Hertz

    Founders of the fashion label

    We find out about how art influences their work, exciting projects ahead and they select a special curation of dream artworks from...

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  • 04/ The Tastemaker: Rejina Pyo

    Founder of The Eponymous Fashion Label

    We interview award winning fashion designer, Rejina Pyo, known for her sculptural art-inspired collections. This coincides with her pop-up in London where Rejina chose a curation of Partnership Editions artworks to be exhibited. We discuss what inspired the aesthetic of this pop-up - which combined fashion, books, art, ceramics and interior design.

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  • 03/ The Tastemaker: Pandora Sykes

    Journalist and Speaker

    For International Women’s Day co-founder of The High Low Podcast, Pandora Sykes, makes a guest curation of artworks from our exhibition How She Looks. This coincides with our panel talk at The Royal Academy about The Female Gaze, with Alexandria Coe, Hester Finch, Venetia Berry and Fee Greening. Read the full feature.

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  • 02 / The Tastemaker: Charlie Porter

    Founder of Tat London and Antiques Treasure Hunter

    We chat to Charlie Porter, Founder of the antiques website and instagram account, Tat London, about where she sources her treasures, what interior designers she loves and what lies ahead for the business.

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