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52/ In The Studio With Terence Finch

We are so happy to welcome Terence Finch to the Partnership Editions family with the launch of his debut collection ‘Behind The Canvas’, launching Wednesday 9th of February.

The Cornish artist based between New York and the coast of New England has developed a unique style of abstraction that celebrates the interplay of colour and composition using tetris-like formations across the canvas.


How did you become an artist, what's your training and background?

My career initially took a very different path. I was in the Military and law enforcement for many years. I became an artist through circumstance really. It was something I had always pursued and kept my hand at, but only in my spare time. I never thought I would be afforded the opportunity to pursue my passion for painting and creating full-time.


It all happened when I emigrated to the United States about a decade ago now. My former careers were not options because at the time I was not a US Citizen and for the kind of jobs I had been doing you needed National Security Clearance, which on a visa you cannot obtain. I was looking after my daughter by day (at the time I only had one) and painting by night. Some friends saw some of my work and asked if they could buy one of my pieces. I was only too happy to oblige. Word got around and sales became more frequent. Here I am over a decade later.


I studied art and photography at college. Over the years I have attended various short courses to hone certain skills at The Arts Student League of New York and The National Academy School of Fine Arts. However for the most part you could say I have no formal training.

That said, like most of my peers, who choose this path for a living I was always gifted when it came to art. My teachers urged me to pursue it. Interesting observation that life sometimes has a way of steering you back onto your natural course or bearing no matter what path we may initially choose.

To this day I am still in regular contact with my first ever art teacher who really saw that talent and spark in me, Carl Thorgood, I hope he is reading this. I enjoy his counsel and opinion, even twenty-six years after we first met.


What does your process look like? Why do you choose to work with this type of materials/techniques?  

I only now work with oils. I used to use acrylic paints. Oils are beautiful. Incomparable. Hard to work with at times, but unparalleled. The luminosity. The viscosity. I am able to get such texture and depth that is very pleasing to the eye. As the Italians say “Uomo Universale''. I’m a Renaissance Man at heart. My process looks like this…..boiler suit on. Coffee, music, studio, paint on brush, take a deep breath. And so it begins.


At times I am methodical in my approach. Military precision and planning. By this I mean, I will have a concept sketch that I will work from, but no matter how diligent my approach, really the paint and the canvas dictate what will ultimately be. It is very rare that the piece will translate from concept sketch to the canvas 100%. There is almost always this fight between the canvas, positioning, paint choice and harmony. Harmony wins.


What emotions or response do you hope to create for the viewer with your work?

That they buy it! Jokes aside, ultimately I want the viewer to have an opinion, whether good or bad. Have an opinion, don’t stand on the sidelines. If I stand back in the studio and I am pleased with my efforts, it looks beautiful. I am happy. Content.

I don’t let any piece leave my studio to a client or buyer that I would not be proud to hang on my own walls. If people buy into that I am honored. The sales are nice to have but not important. This isn't my first rodeo and I'll still be painting when I'm ninety. I will either have a studio that I can hardly move in, or I'll have made a lot of people happy. Either way I'm still going to be painting.





Learn more about Terence Finch's work and his debut collection 'Behind The Canvas' launches.


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