Terence Finch

Terence Finch is an abstract painter originally from Cornwall who now lives between New York and the coast of New England. Originally his career took a very different path, starting in the military and then working in law enforcement. He always painted in his spare time and had been a talented artist from an early age, but became a full-time artist somewhat by circumstance when he moved to America and was no longer able to work in his line of work due to his nationality. His work has recently been dedicated entirely to abstraction, having developed a unique style which celebrates the interplay of colour and composition using Tetris-like formations across the canvas.

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Terence's Style

His style in many ways employs a military precision, creating preparatory sketches and colour compositions - but when he eventually puts paint to canvas, he enjoys the way that much is left to chance. He revels in the simplicity of abstraction, but it’s this simplicity that is his greatest challenge. 

He says “with abstraction it’s “all or nothing” in my opinion. It’s art in its simplest format. Simple is good. Simple is easy to digest. Basic is good. The way those blocks of colors interact and interlock. The blurred lines. It’s a thing of beauty…but there is a lot that goes wrong before you get a piece just right.” 

Carrying a sketchbook with him on a daily basis, he takes down ideas and concepts that excite him be it clothing, architecture, objects or his surroundings on the coast of New England.

“Nature is my springboard. The New England coast and my studio up there has forever changed my trajectory. I will let the paintings do the talking” - Terence Finch

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Behind The Canvas

"Every now and then one has to step out from behind the canvas and bare his soul. Here is that moment." - Terence Finch

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