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104/ Love and Curating with Sissi Pohle and Pat Scherzer

This Valentine’s Day we’re excited to chat with one of our favourite creative couples of the moment, the founders of vintage and antique shop outofuseberlin and the set design label tablesandfoodSissi Pohle and Pat Scherzer.

With similar interests, their relationship blossomed into a creative partnership taking on many ventures - from curating antique objets and vintage fashion, to designing tablescapes and art directing for brands.

We first discovered the duo through their incredible home, a castle's outbuilding in Franconia, where they’ve created a playful and timeless haven surrounded by nature. Their re-design is full of character and personality and beautifully echoes the love that beams out of their relationship.


How did you meet?

We met for the first time in Berlin after getting in touch via Instagram and talking a lot about music and fashion. After our first date, we both quickly realized that we wanted to spend our lives together and we both took that into our own hands and followed the plan. Now we have been a couple for almost seven years, we are best friends and even business partners.


How did outofuseberlin come about?

We loved getting up early and exploring the flea markets around Berlin. The city was empty and we were alone on the streets with our old scooter. This adventure developed into a business, as more and more people from our community asked us for individual vintage pieces. So we also went on the hunt for our customers as personal shoppers. Gradually, outofuseberlin has developed, which we have primarily built up in such a way that we will not only take place in Germany.


What are you most proud of achieving together?

We are proud that we have taken a completely different path to what was perhaps expected of us in society. Together, we have turned our passion into a profession and no one has been able to stop us. As a unit we are extremely strong, one of us makes up for the deficit of the other. We can talk about everything, argue about everything, and still love each other so much that nothing comes between us. Our passion for music and fashion as well as historical architecture and furnishings unites us just as much as our view of life and our shared plans for the future.



Favourite thing to do together? Explore new vintage and antique halls in France and Italy. 

Last film you both loved? The Outfit

Your song? We love all songs in our Playlist on Spotify “Countryside kids do it better”

If you were an artwork you’d be? An old castle in Italy

Favourite creative couple? Andreas Kronthaler and Vivienne Westwood







Sissi & Pat's Curation

  • Egg cup, green and blue on white and brown dish Sold
    Egg cup, green and blue on white and brown dish

    “Since we have been working with Tables and Food on food installations and special set designs, we have been using egg cups a lot for various purposes. That's why this painting fits very well with our aesthetics.”

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  • White

    We love the craft of embroidery and a good sense of materials in combination with shapes and stripes. This cushion is an absolute gem.”

    Bellamy Jean
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  • Allotment fence with houses, Leeds (1)
    Allotment fence with houses, Leeds (1)

    "This work of art triggers something in us, as it makes us dream of overgrown gardens and old buildings. It is mystical and exciting at the same time. The colours are beautiful!"

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