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95/ Around The Summer Table With Xanthe Gladstone

This week we have the pleasure of talking with Xanthe Gladstone, the chef and organic vegetable grower based in North Wales.

Her passion for food is contagious and is clearly seen in everything she touches. With outdoor dining season in full swing, we have been inspired by her Instagram where she documents her sell-out supper clubs, vibrant seasonal recipes and gives regular garden (and animal) updates.

Here she shares her favourite summer recipe and table essentials, and how after two days of work experience at a farm and restaurant in Cornwall, she decided to trade her London marketing job for a career in food sustainability.

 Photography by Jack Finnigan

Through your platform you’re helping educate your audience on sustainable and delicious eating and growing. Is there a specific time when you realised you wanted to be a sustainable eating advocate?

I think that it built up over a long time, but there was definitely one defining moment. I was working in London just after graduating in food and drinks marketing and I organized two days of work experience at a friend of a friend's farm and restaurant in Cornwall, as my interest in sustainability and food was growing. I absolutely loved every second of the time I spent there and I remember this feeling when I was on the train back to London at the end of it. I had a giant sack of vegetables that they’d given me to take home and my boots were muddy for the first time in a long time. It honestly sounds so cliche but I really had a moment where I knew that I needed to be connected to this aspect of food and not be working in an office in the city. This triggered a whole career change and my move back home to North Wales.


What part of your job allows you to be most creative?

I am lucky that most of my job is really creative, from social media work to recipe development and hosting supper clubs. The part that probably allows me to be the most creative though is probably putting on the supper clubs because I look after everything from the table design, menu design, style of the room, music, drinks pairings and of course menus. I love it because I think every aspect is just as important as the food is and plays an equal part in the final feel of the night. I love theming the tables and room with the menu depending on the time of year and the style of food I’m serving.


What’s the secret to a good supper club?

I touched on it above but I think the look and feel of the room as a whole is equally as important as the food. I want it to feel really special and make it feel like as much thought has gone into that as to the menus as well. Another thing I’d say is to go simple with the menu and to cook dishes that you feel really confident with no matter how simple they are, people find value in the night as a whole and eating dishes that ring true to the host you are. Overcomplicating things doesn’t necessarily mean it's more impressive.



What essentials do you always have on your summer table?

Focaccia! My style of cooking means lots of different dishes on the table at every meal, so, salads, dips, etc. and I think that focaccia always compliments these things. It’s also super easy to make and everyone loves it. Alongside the focaccia, I’d always also have a bowl of olive oil for the focaccia to be dunked into.

Can you give us a tip on how to make a summer dish look like a work of art?

Use green herbs on top of everything! I think this is the true secret to good food styling and always lifts a dish and makes it look beautiful. Of course, the flavour of the dish depends on which herbs you will use but I truly think that any dish you cook will benefit from a garnish of parsley, finely chopped chives, basil or dill.

Can you give us your favourite summer recipe?

I absolutely love cooking in the summer because there is just an abundance of vegetables to cook with wherever you look. This is my favourite though –





Photography by Ellen Hancock

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