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80/ Hang With Colette LaVette

For this “Hang With” feature, we’re spending it with our very own Colette Lavette: artist, creative, and homeowner of this beautiful 17th Century cottage located in a quaint old town in Northamptonshire.

The cottage draws you in with its original wooden beams and thatched roof, not to mention all the little quirks that Colette herself has added. From the hand-painted terracotta alcoves and uneven ceilings to the fabric draped across her living room sofa, the place seeps with history that dates as far back as Henry VIII.

Colette’s latest collection 'Paracosm' speaks of myth and renaissance, and once you’ve seen her home you can understand why. Join us to find out about Colette’s first art purchase, her most prized procession, and of course her secret to a joyful home.


I live in… a 17th century thatched cottage. The house has been dated back to the 17th century based on how it is built. It has a huge beam that runs the length of the house from one gable to the other. The house is rumoured to have been part of Catherine of Aragon's dowry when she married Arthur (Henry VIII's brother) before Henry. It's also said Oliver Cromwell was once stationed here. Most importantly to me, I gave birth to my second daughter here on the floor!

We never planned to live in a thatched cottage, but we needed more space for when our second daughter arrived and this house came up for sale 50 meters down the road from where we lived. I went to view it and all of the organic shapes stole my heart, so I made an offer before my husband even looked inside. The studio out the back, more like a cave, works well for me as we live a busy family life and it means I can go and paint when the time and light are right, and still be somewhere that feels like home.

We landscaped the garden last winter, it's really important to me to have a beautiful outside space where I can grow flowers. Once the roof is sorted we hope to start carefully stripping back the walls and, after a lot of lime plastering, I should be able to start having fun with all the natural colours of lime paint.


I spend most of my time at home… giggling with my daughters, painting, and cooking pasta


My first art purchase was… a painting of a meadow, I think I was about 9.


If I could hang any artwork in my collection it would be… all of it, and I do. Once I think a painting is finished I take it from the studio and into the house to live with it for a few days before declaring it done. The art on the walls changes here weekly.


My prized possession is… my Cappadocia water jug



When decorating my home I like to buy from… eBay/Vinterior/markets/local vintage shops


My recipe for a happy home is… pasta


I’ve currently got my eye on… I’ve designed a cushion for the day room and got the fabric ready, my mum will sew it all together. Pretty much everything fabric in my home is handmade by my mum, such as these lampshades and Humpty Dumpty in Monet's bedroom and all the cushions and curtains around the house. I love designing, creating, and painting but I can't sew neatly whatsoever. I pass sketches and fabric on to her and she turns them into reality, she's amazing!




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