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Colette LaVette

Mythological narratives form the framework of Colette's paintings. Biomorphic forms can be found emerging from the expressionist marks. The gestures and postures of the figures, together with the composition of light are reminiscent of Rococo and Renaissance masterpieces, reformulated in a contemporary painterly language. At the centre of both her personal life and art practice is her passion for sustainability, as well as her interest in geological and biological history.

Colette has most recently exhibited her debut solo show ‘In Reverie’ with Purslane and has exhibited work at Paul Smith, Act One Gallery, and OXO Tower Wharf. LaVette has been featured widely in the press, was June 2022 artist of the month in Country Homes magazine and has been included in publications such as 'Little Book of Artists’ by KellyJay. Her original works sit in collections around the world, including Hong Kong, France, Germany, Iceland and USA.

"These works are predominantly a comment on beauty emerging from chaos." — Colette LaVette

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May Drop 2024

“Oil paints made with natural earth pigments and linseed oil, applied impasto to stretched Italian linen, board and rag paper.” - Colette LaVette, Trick of The Light

March Drop 2024

"Bearers of rain in cloudy pitchers, Nephelae were cloud nymphs that nourished earth from the skies." - Colette LaVette, Nephelae

November Drop 2023

“Sacred waters run through imagined worlds conjured up from remnants of antiquity. Primitive forms emerge meandering, wrangling and bathing amongst swans and lions.” - Colette LaVette, Bathers
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July Drop 2023

"Narratives from mythological folklore play out with horned figures that jubilantly gather and keep the company of flower festooned bulls, tigers, serpents and rams." - Colette LaVette, Animalis

May Drop 2023

"A celebration of endings that make space to journey to new worlds." - Colette LaVette, Metamorphoses

March Drop 2023

"This collection is inspired by animals in opulant primitivism." - Colette LaVette, Where Beasts Roam

Feb Drop 2023

"A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world, often originating in childhood and continuing into adulthood." - Colette LaVette, Paracosm

The Artist Open Call Collection

'I love Colette's attention to detail and texture. I felt transported into a type of elysian dream with each piece of hers' — Yomi Adegoke, Writer

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