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Journalist and Speaker

03/ The Tastemaker: Pandora Sykes

To celebrate International Women’s Day and our upcoming talk chaired by Pandora Sykes at The Royal Academy, the interiors addict, co-host of podcast The High Low and journalist has reviewed our exhibition How She Looks. Spotlighting some of her favourite works from our online edit, she explains what draws her to these works.

Pandora Sykes, journalist

“One of the greatest misconceptions about liking art, or owning art, is that you need to know art. You do not need to ‘know art’. You just need to know what you like. Or rather, you just need to know a curator you like; and then, quite frankly, she, or he, does the hard work for you. Georgia Spray is one such a curator. Like many of my friends, I have been impressed and enamoured with Partnership Editions - both in a visual sense and for its affordability and lack of pretension - since it began. I relished the opportunity to work with Georgia on How She Looks, with a panel conversation about the female gaze, in collaboration with The Royal Academy and some of Partnership Editions’ most recognisable artists. How She Looks is based on the female gaze. 

What does ‘the female gaze’ actually mean? It means seeing women through the lens of a woman. It means seeing them for their beauty and their flaws and the beauty in their flaws. It is not about posturing, or pretending. There is an honesty in the work of these four artists, and their representation of what it is to be a woman: her curves, her fears, her possessions.”

Pandora 's curation

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