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Multidisciplinary Artist & Concept Designer

49/ Work In Progress With Adriana Jaros

For the second edition of ‘Work In Progress’, Adriana Jaros shows us around Anchor Studio in Newlyn, Cornwall, the place that allowed her to explore the passions and urges in her practice resulting in her latest collection, “Anchored, Here”.

Here she tells us more about her time at this residency during the summer of 2021, the breathtaking surroundings, and the slower pace of life that nurtured her latest body of work through intense emotions. She runs us through some of her favourite pieces and how time and openness changed her creative process.

 Adriana Jaros at Anchor Studio


My name is Adriana Jaros and I had the pleasure to occupy Anchor Studio from July until the start of September. Being at Anchor Studio allowed for a slower pace, more nurtured work, and explorations. The lovely sense of community that smiles at you whilst walking through Newlyn and Penzance town felt like a true embrace! 

This experience has opened my mind to new ways of thinking and seeing the world. It has been suggested to me, I will be living the ripples of this experience for many years to come. Everything that I have found here, in Newlyn and at Anchor Studio, with its very special amount of light and human connection has allowed me to accept myself and surrender into my truest of passions, my urges, and ultimately my art. To say the very least, it has been an extremely meaningful experience.

 Anchor Memories by Adriana Jaros

After spending a few weeks immersed in the residency experience and surroundings I realised how this affected my thoughts and the ways I started to perceive my own work. I started using different hues and shapes to express the feelings I was experiencing. It was all translating into very different brush strokes and shapes. 

The fact that the studio has a live-in accommodation allowed for this experience to truly be a holistic one where the practice and day-to-day life were in close proximity. This created a sort of magical aura to the days and endless opportunities for new ideas and work to be revealed without any sense of restrictions.

 Sin Titulo, The Shadow Changes, and The Amount of Light Works on Paper 11 by Adriana Jaros

For the first time in my practice, I allowed time to be a big factor and an idea I incorporated into the work. I was not concentrating on creating a final body of work per se but actually, I was allowing time to do its thing. I was sitting with a lot of overwhelming emotions and playing with evocative colours, taking deep breaths and feeling all the motions of a wet brush's contact with the surface.

 Family Portrait by Adriana Jaros Anchor by Adriana Jaros

After gathering a lot of these "emotions" translated into visual expressions I then started to imagine, or remember?, places and dreamed abstract interior vacuums that came to mind. I did the exercise of using the vast amount of space provided at Anchor Studio to just lay it all out and use a sort of collage for thoughts, days, and feelings that were flourishing.

Adriana working at Anchor Studio by Alban Roinard, BSJWT/A.Roinard 2021 © 


I found it hard to stop. I normally find it hard to keep up with what the mind wants to experiment with and even harder to surrender to what is coming out of me. To stop comparing and accepting my urges and practice for what it is, appreciate it, and understand it is an ever-evolving process.

 Mi Silla by Adriana Jaros Las Olas, Ocho De Julio, and The Shadow Changes


The local community of Newlyn is a very nurturing one, with many other very interesting artists as well as friendly locals who were always happy to help, assist, chat or simply smile. I will always hold this space, place, and moment in time very close to my heart!

Adriana by Alban Roinard, BSJWT/A.Roinard 2021 © 

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  • Family Portrait Sold
    Family Portrait | Adriana Jaros | Original Artwork | Partnership Editions

    I find this piece truly special as it is a family portrait frame I bought at a charity shop in Newlyn whilst in residency. It was a bit sad as it was empty, missing that very special visual story of happy family memories. I bought it and re-purposed it into what felt like a lot of my own "family colours, shapes and memories" although not photographic, hopefully still filled with naive joy!

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