Adriana Jaros

Adriana Jaros is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Caracas, Venezuela and now based in London. She studied Visual Communications in Caracas and upon moving to London in 2011 studied Textiles at UAL, Chelsea. 

Her work researches the interaction of colours, shapes and materials exploring how these elements can elevate our senses, affect our human consciousness and in turn create aesthetic experiences that can enhance our wellbeing. Spanning paintings, sculpture, large scale installations and murals, she does not categorise herself or her work, but rather starts each piece, collection or project with a concept that she is passionate about, connected to or interested in exploring.

Adriana’s work has been featured within ELLE Decoration and House & Garden and her work has been shown by Palermo Uno Milan Gallery, London Mural Festival, London Design Festival and 19 Karen Contemporary Art Space, Australia.

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Adriana's Style

Adriana has been researching into the recent sub discipline of neuroaesthetics within her work. This is a field of experimental science that aims to combine psychological research with aesthetics,  investigating how the perception, the process of making, and the response to art - as well the interactions with materials and spaces that evoke an intense feeling - can have an immediate effect on how we feel and our wellbeing. 

Much like a piece of music, there is a vibrancy and rhythm to Adriana’s work, she uses each colour and haptic sensations of each material or materiality, to take us back to a memory, a moment in time or invite us to create new experiences. She believes it’s hard to describe emotions or memories with only words, one has to feel them, and as long as the spectator feels something, she feels the piece is complete.

Similarly, Adriana’s exploration of three dimensional work explores the special feeling of depth. She is inspired by this, finding it fascinating as it brings perspective and conjures new, different and exciting worlds out of thin air. Her love of architecture and interior spaces has a direct correlation with her paintings. She draws perspective, imagined structures and architectural elements almost without consciously knowing, rather it's embedded in her subconscious and she embraces and celebrates this within her work. 

She is also inspired by the total immersion into her practice and finds that the most inspiring artists are those who carry their art into a way of living as opposed to just a practice, it is holistic and this is the approach she tries to take within her work.

"I truly aim and hope to evoke very intimate moments of connectivity and that the pieces or murals can serve to create an atmosphere with the power to transform someone's mind-state and wellbeing." - Adriana Jaros

Drop 3 - Summer 2021

“For this collection I tried to develop ideas around boundaries. I have been obsessing over geographical boundaries and how these can influence our sense of self. I also think it’s important to reflect about our physical and emotional boundaries. For this I have tried to defy the normal boundaries of a “piece of art” where does it live? and why is more often than not a sharp square/ rectangle? Playing with elements that travel outside the normal constraints trying to generate a new dialogue and hopefully bringing forward new and more fluid boundaries” - Adriana Jaros, Boundaries

Encompassing Memories

"For this specific collection I tried to channel all those influences, moments of inspiration and the hours upon hours of research and emotions bottled up into each memory with the language and colours I have developed during the years. Trying to push the concept a bit further by incorporating the musical element with pieces created by Joseph Costi, each piece talks about a little story and narrative within the memory I am calling to “seat” at the table again with me. 

It was an introspective experience for me and a nostalgic one at times too. I truly hope it comes across and that it resonates with everyone else, that they can relate, share and experience this common thread and theme." - Adriana Jaros, Encompassing Memories


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