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Founder and Creative Director at Blake LDN

73/ Hang With Alice Byrom

For this Hang With feature, we are stepping inside the colourful art-filled home of Alice Byrom. An Art Director, Brand Consultant, founder and Creative Director at contemporary knitwear brand Blake Ldn, her bright and playful style is clearly reflected in every corner of her West London home.

We hope you enjoy this chat with Alice as she walks us through the favourite pieces in her collection, beautiful ivy-covered studio, and go-to Instagram sellers for antiques and decor.


I live in… Acton, West London with my husband and three children. Rudy, Deia and Win. We completely stumbled across the area when we needed to move from having lived in Brixton pre-marriage. Both sets of parents are out west so it made sense to look in that area. It has such a  wonderful sense of community and friends. And, now with Cross rail officially open - the whole of London is literally 10 mins away!

Artwork by Harland Miller

I spend most of my time at home… in my garden studio. We had this rather dead space on the ground floor when we bought the house. So we put in some french doors, painted them in a blue gloss and made it a proper office/ studio. As it looks out onto a terrace and the garden I wanted to incorporate that somehow so used Sanderson trailing ivy wallpaper all over the walls and ceiling so it brought the garden in. It’s my little sanctuary.


My work inspires my home… My style and creative direction for Blake definitely flows into the home; blending a sense of ease and colour alongside a contemporary edge whilst still being liveable. Both work in harmony I hope!

Ink drawings by Fee Greening


My first art purchase was… well, my husband actually bought it for me. He has been an art collector for years now, having started his career in the art world for the likes of Hannah Barry Gallery, Tracey Enim (where we both worked for a summer. Me sewing her large tapestries straight out of CSM and he assisting her) and Christie’s in New York.

He bought me very early on a couple of Polly Morgan prints which hang in my office, and a Jonathan Yeo portrait of Helen Bonham Carter - I love his use of colour and application. 

Our most recent purchase was a Rana Begum which hangs above our fireplace in our sitting room. Her work depicts spatial and visual form refined in Minimalist abstraction. I’m always slightly mesmerized by her work.


Artwork by Rana Begum

If I could hang any artwork in my collection it would be…

I love Flora Yukhnovich, she is a young English artist who specializes in French Rococo painting but done in a contemporary way. I could stare at her paintings all day, how she uses colour is just beautiful. And, the American painter Cy Twombly - if money was no object!


  Artworks by Tracey Emin


My prized possession is… my children 

When decorating my home I like to buy from… We moved house last year and I really enjoyed the process of sourcing and finding interesting pieces. I have a favourite few Instagram sellers who I keep going back to again and again. Sally from MacInstosh &  Light always has such a great edit, Valerie Perkins for all sorts of cabinets and dressers. I also head to Old Cinema in Chiswick and Golborne road. Whenever I’m in Palma I head to Rialto living - a beautifully presented lifestyle store for inspiration.

Artwork by James Capper

My recipe for a happy home is… lots of laughter and not taking yourself too seriously. With three children 5 and under our home is very chaotic but I try and embrace it!

Artwork by Damien Hirst

I’ve currently got my eye on… Any large-scale photos by Casey Moore and my dear friend Jemma Powell is going to do a portrait of our children. 

I couldn’t live without… music and exercise.

  Lucien Freud & Kate Moss by his assistant David Dawson




Alice Byrom's Curation

  • Cholla Cactus Sold
    Cholla Cactus

    I am really drawn to photography at the moment and can imagine this looking great in a bathroom.

    Matt Ritson
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  • Couple on Grey Sold
    Couple on Grey

    I just love the colours and the looseness / freeness of this.

    Hester Finch
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  • Pink and Brown, Fruit Bowl Sold
    Pink and Brown, Fruit Bowl

    Love the simplicity of this - perfect on a kitchen shelf.

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