Lottie Hampson

London-born Lottie Hampson is a photographer and artist who splits her time between the UK and Mallorca. She studied at Central St Martins and Edinburgh College of Art.

Her artistic practice often starts with analogue film photography that spans all formats, with which she photographs the world around her. Using film helps her to slow down, and the images she takes are often a quiet meditation on her surroundings; slowly building a sense of place through observations of light and landscapes, and fragments of the people that inhabit it.

Switching between her many cameras, her practice often involves developing and printing her own photographs, maximising the relationship with her work in a 'satisfying and exciting process'.

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Lottie's Style

Lottie is fascinated by the ever-present connection between people and the landscape surrounding them. These photographs often provide inspiration for further works such as hand-made books, photo-intaglio and cyanotypes. Lottie has exhibited widely in London, Edinburgh and Wales and was the runner up for the Scottish Portrait Award.

Alongside her photography practice, Lottie works in helping facilitate artist residency programmes in various countries.

She says: “My work acts as a visual diary for me, but I hope that they would evoke a sense of calm for a viewer. I like my photos to look timeless, so they can provide a view into a world in which viewers could imagine themselves.”

"I hope these photos build a sense of place through observations of light, landscapes, and fragments of the people and creatures that inhabit them. They are an exploration of time passing; a quiet meditation on the relationship we hold to our encompassing environments." - Lottie Hampson

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March Drop 2024

“Inspired by Cy Twombly’s dreamlike photographs of fruit and flowers in his painting studio, I recently purchased a Polaroid camera. As a film photographer I am usually left waiting for film to be developed before I can see what my camera has captured. With the polaroid camera there was none of this. The immediacy of using it has been such an exciting process for me. Not knowing how to fully control a new (and yet very old) camera is humbling and exciting, and each photo felt like a surprise waiting to develop. I experimented with my new camera by photographing flowers in my home studio and at Kew gardens. Experiments usually turn out the best because there is less expectation, and I really loved these initial photographs.

So I continued the experimentation; firstly by blowing up the photos to a large scale. The quality of the polaroid’s is so soft, that when blown up, they have a painterly quality, complete with all the ghostly little marks on the photo that occur from a combination of the camera mechanics and the environment that the photo is exposed to whilst developing.

After that I played with emulsion lifts on watercolour paper; a process that involves coaxing the instant prints from their original backings. Like shooting polaroid film, the outcome of each print was a guessing game, each resulting in a delicate unique artwork.” - Lottie Hampson, Angels Trumpet

The Christmas Collection

“The egg cups are a celebration of the little things! Egg cups are the most joyful thing in the kitchen cupboard, in my opinion. So these drawings are small tokens in ode to all the shapes and sizes that they come in. Hopefully the make a perfect little holiday gift for a breakfast lover.” - Lottie Hampson

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November Drop 2023

“Field Daisies belongs to a collection of my favourite photographs taken over the year, from Norfolk to Corfu to Mallorca. Captured on 35mm film using an analogue camera, they encourage a slower and closer look at the natural world” - Lottie Hampson, Field Daisies
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May Drop 2023

"My love of foxgloves is inherited from my grandma Sandra. She planted them in her garden and on her windowsills, into her paintings and into my psyche. To make these drawings I studied the photographs of foxgloves I have taken in Cornwall, Wales and Somerset. To me, foxgloves mark the start of the long warm days of early summer, so this collection feels like a celebration." - Lottie Hampson, Foxgloves

March Drop 2023

"This drop is all about colour and fruit! It has been a really enjoyable delve back into my box of oil pastels. The result is a series of bright artworks ideal for hanging in a kitchen. The best room in the house if you ask me." - Lottie Hampson, Tomatoes, Eggs, Cutlery

Feb Drop 2023

"Shot on black and white film, Swimmers is a collection of photos that’s very special to me. Memories of time spent by the water- whether a pool, a river, the sea or the ponds. There is a sense of timelessness and grace to the subjects; people and swans alike." - Lottie Hampson, Swimmers

Winter Prints 2022

Drop 5 - Winter 2022

"I spent a few days in Devon on the River Dart in early October when apple season was in full swing and everywhere I looked trees were bursting with them. The local village held an apple festival and there was a press to help turn the glut of apples into juice for everyone to take home.

It was that special time of year where warmth still lingers in the air, and day meets suddenly with colder crisper nights to create dusks and dawns of dramatic beauty, filled with golden sea mist.

The end of summers figs were still hanging ripe from the trees and blackberry bushes prevailed, whilst winters produce was starting to rear its head; potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes and kale.

Summers flowers still held on in patches around the garden, but the neon yellow patch of dahlias was most prominent. I loved these flowers and carried the fallen head of one around with me, balanced in my hands with whatever apple I had last picked to eat.

This collection of work is a mix of mediums- drawings on paper and paintings on canvas and photographs - all inspired by this rich change of seasons in the South West of England." - Lottie Hampson, Apple Season

Drop 4 - Autumn 2022

"Earlier this summer I visited the florist and grower Kitten Grayson in her garden in Somerset. It was a few days before midsummer and the foxglove season was just about coming to an end. Kitten warned me that the foxgloves were turning but when I arrived - just after 7am on a Friday morning when the light was still soft - I found a thick forest of them. Mainly white and pink and dotted with red lupins. I’ve always had a penchant for foxgloves. My grandmother used to love them and I think I got it from her. I think of the most enchanting things is a wild foxglove patch that grows tall about your head.

I photographed the garden on film just after dusk and again at dawn. Sometimes I focused on Kitten and other times I focused solely on the plants. I see the photos I took as a marker of those long and mystical days in June when the sun never seems to set and the natural world towers above us." - Lottie Hampson, Midsummer Garden

Drop 3 - High Summer 2022

"I’ve spent a lot of time recently using photography as my main medium, mostly for work, so for this drop I wanted to focus entirely on painting and drawing as an escape from the often very digital world of photography.
The works I made on paper and board using a variety of materials are all based on rough drawings from various sketch books I’ve kept over the last year. I loved turning these simple charcoal drawings into more rounded pieces of art. For some I added in colour and texture with oil pastels and thicker layers of paint, and for others I really enjoyed maintaining the simplicity of the line drawings, echoing the sketches they are based on." - Lottie Hampson, Tablescapes

Drop 2 - Summer 2022

"Ever since I started taking photos they have acted as a sort of visual diary for me. Taken to be printed out and stuck in a notebook; annotated, drawn on, left to gather marks and scratches, and to mark a moment in time.

These photos act as a reminder for moments otherwise forgotten. The after breakfast scatterings on the table. Crumpled sheets on a bed not yet made for the day. Water lilies taken during a photography job at Kew Gardens which distracted me from the photos I was meant to be taking…

The time when I tried to learn Spanish by only learning what the words for breakfast items are… Idiosyncratic thoughts and moments on places and spaces that I felt deserved documenting over the past couple of years. They are markers of life." - Lottie Hampson, Diary

Drop 1 - New Year 2022

"A mixture of drawings and painted photographs, this winter collection comes at a time when daffodils are just back in season and there is a sense of hope for longer warmer days. The kitchen table is often dressed with pots of hyacinths and pears are still in season. Overall it’s a celebration of the arrival of flowers and fruit and soft sunny mornings." - Lottie Hampson, First Light

In The Flesh

This curation is on show at our exhibition 'In The Flesh'. It was on display at 105 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8NQ from 25th November to 19th December 2021. This will be the first time that the artists of Partnership Editions have come together in a physical space since lockdown has lifted, and it celebrates the very fact that we're able to see their works in person again. We embrace the many purposes of an exhibition: a way to unite artists and collectors, and an opportunity to engage with both people and art - something we've all been deprived of for too long. The works in this exhibition have been selected based on their exceptional skill and power to communicate. See their colours, their textures, experience their emotions, let them get under your the flesh.

Drop 5 - Autumn 2021

"This series is a movement away from the medium of pure photography and into a more tactile way of making. The ceramics are pieces that I have been working on for a few years; with no formal training, I created a selection of hand-built pieces, simply for the joy of using my hands to mould and sculpt and get in touch with that side of my creativity again. After firing the pieces, I sat with them in their raw earthenware state in my room until a few months ago when I finally decided to fire them. I loved their simplicity so I only used a simple transparent glaze for their protection.

They are particularly special to me because each one is totally individual and there will never be another like it - perfect in their wonkiness. I get so excited about the fresh produce over the summer months. Often on mornings after a swim at the Hampstead ponds I will visit a nearby grocery shop and buy what I think looks beautiful; artichokes, figs, greengages, borlotti beans, pears and peaches. Of course I eventually eat them, but first I like to photograph them on my Hasselblad camera in the studio with a simple white sheet as the backdrop, often introducing my ceramic pieces, which in themselves are organic shapes. I think they compliment the fruit and vegetables in a way; simple vessels for holding the fruits and vegetables snugly, both ornamental and functional. After I get the film developed, I draw the still lives from the photos that I have taken. The final images act as markers for the passing of the seasons and the bittersweet transcience of summer." - Lottie Hampson, Still Life

A Sense of Place

"My launch collection is a series of photographs from my ongoing project ‘A Sense of Place’. For years I have spent time photographing my surroundings as I travel, shooting on both colour and black and white film in various formats.

Documenting places from South Wales to India to Iceland, I hope these photos build a sense of place through observations of light, landscapes, and fragments of the people and creatures that inhabit them. They are an exploration of time passing; a quiet meditation on the relationship we hold to our encompassing environments.

I like to use mainly analogue techniques so as to slow down my way of viewing my surroundings. These prints are a mixture of digital and hand made prints in both colour and black and white darkrooms." - Lottie Hampson, A Sense of Place

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