Summertime At Charleston - An Online Exhibition By Camilla Perkins

We are so pleased to present an online solo exhibition by artist and illustrator Camilla Perkins.

‘Summertime at Charleston’ is a new series of original pieces, including pastel artworks and painted stools inspired by Charleston, home of artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, and meeting place of the Bloomsbury Group.

Camilla’s joyful and expressive collection draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape, gardens, and flora of Charleston. Her work embodies its unique style and vibrancy through a range of brightly coloured oil palettes and imaginative compositions. She says - “I don’t know if anyone could visit the beautiful interiors and gardens at Charleston Farmhouse and not be utterly inspired.”

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Camilla's Inspiration

For the first time, Camilla will complement her artwork for Partnership Editions with a collection of step stools, hand-built and hand-painted, intended to be cherished as family heirlooms just like the pieces at Charleston.

She has long been inspired by the walls and furniture painted by the Bloomsbury Group and can vividly remember her regular visits to the property as a child with her mother - “we would inevitably rush home to paint everything we could get our hands on!” From a young age, she was captivated by the idea of transforming surfaces into something exceptional by using simple, humble materials. Born and raised in East Sussex, Camilla has often cited Charleston as an influence on her work. Over the years, she has built a reputation for brightly coloured, patterned and unique images, elevated by her imagination.

This dream-like world is captured through her reimagining of the sculpted faces hidden among the poppies, irises and euphorbia and other features around the garden. "I love to imagine what it would have been like to take a dip in the lily pond all those years ago, or what would have been growing in the little vegetable patch where everything turns emerald green after the rain.” - Camilla Perkins

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