Camilla Perkins

Camilla Perkins is an artist and illustrator who lives in Brighton. She graduated from Westminster University in 2012 and has since had illustrations commissioned by clients such as BBC, Penguin and The British Council, Coca-Cola as well as continuing to work on her fine art prints and paintings.


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Camilla's Style

Camilla is interested in the colourful textiles and elaborate patterns seen internationally. Camilla works across both digital and hand-made formats, often drawing on her ipad to produce vibrant works that become prints - as seen in Pink Power Print.


She also more recently has started to work with pastel on paper, producing this series of fish and lobsters for Partnership Editions. 

“Growing up in various seaside towns I have always been drawn to imagery relating to the ocean. As a teenager I loved the hand painted signs depicting what you could have for lunch that day at the amazing cafe’s in Hastings, they seemed to be stuck in a different era and I couldn’t get enough! My recent work pays homage to those hand painted signs and old, scientific illustrations of sea life. Using vibrant oil pastels to create my own versions of my personal ideal catch of the day.” - Camilla Perkins

Drop 2

Camilla’s latest series of still life drawings explore the beauty in natural forms, and vessels inspired by antique porcelain and glassware. By using striking colour combinations and opulent foods, flowers, and objects she aims to create images that can remind the viewer of distant memories of Mediterranean holidays or picking out the catch of the day at a local market.

Drop 1 - Spring 2020


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