In Praise of Home - An Online Exhibition

This exhibition presents new collections of work by Brendan Lancaster, Daniel Dzonu Clarke, Frankie Thorpe, Isabel Garfield, Josephine Birch, Sophie Victoria Edwards.

It invites each artist to respond to the title In Praise of Home and explore what home means to them. Home is as much a mood, feeling or concept as it is a physical place. One’s home can be an extension of our identity or an expression of oneself. Regardless where we may live right now, there may be a specific place that truly feels like home, or something that makes us feel immediately homely or evokes the feeling of home.

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“For me inspiration for paintings often comes from the home, and revolves a lot around family life and time with friends, and a lot of that takes place in the kitchen. We spend a lot of time there, we use it to store things, it needs constant tidying and what goes on there makes up a little story of daily activity.” - Brendan Lancaster

“All of these artworks were originally sketched while traveling, technically away from home. However, each of these artworks are based on spaces where I found a sense of tranquility and peace which is my definition of home.” - Daniel Dzonu Clarke

“This collection is inspired by the comfort and solace felt by staying home. Feeling at peace being surrounded by your possessions and treasures.” - Frankie Thorp

“I’ve been looking into the everyday and home as something theatrical, like a stage set waiting for events to take place. I have been interested in the way rooms can hold memories and take on significance, holding symbolic qualities.” - Isabel Garfield

"I came up with the theme whilst listening to Rura’s album of the same name in my studio. It got me thinking about what home is, how we create and re-create it. The places we are from, or our ancestors are from, the buildings we grew up in..." - Josephine Birch

“My collection takes note from the simple joy in moments gathering round the kitchen table and spring afternoons amongst the fields.” - Sophie Victoria Edwards

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