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Frankie Thorp

Frankie is a London-based artist who explores the humour and familiarity found in everyday objects. Her work is a modern twist on traditional still life painting, with kitsch 70s and 80s references such as cocktails and retro desserts. She enjoys the implied narrative created by her still life table-scapes, suggesting the beginning or end of a party or gathering with friends. She likes the idea that her work can "celebrate the euphoria of a long, lazy summer afternoon."

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Frankie is available for bespoke commissions, please get in touch.

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Frankie's Style

Colour is the starting point for every piece, often more important to her than subject matter. Her main influences come from travel, film and dining. Her love of food and a good cocktail is reenacted in paint, yet often with a surreal or “cheeky” element thrown in - such as an out of place peacock or an elusive spectator, seen in a corner. 


She says: “I have an abundance of still life photos that I have collected for reference either found or taken by myself. However, I often like to paint from memory as I like to reduce the objects in my paintings and find if I have the image in front of me I start including too much detail and I lose the desired outcome.”

"I always think a second cocktail is a good idea. My work celebrates that moment and everything before and after that decision." - Frankie Thorp

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In Praise of Home - An Online Exhibition

We're excited to present ‘In Praise of Home’, our new online exhibition.

“This collection is inspired by the comfort and solace felt by staying home. Feeling at peace being surrounded by your possessions and treasures.” - Frankie Thorp

November Drop 2023

“A celebration of informal dining and tablescapes.” - Frankie Thorp, Around The Table
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May Drop 2023

"Fun and fruity artwork that will help you meet your 5 a day" - Frankie Thorp, Five A Day

March Drop 2023

"Messy tablescapes and retro centrepieces. A celebration of the chaos of dinner parties and entertaining." - Frankie Thorp,Tablescapes & Centrepieces

Drop 5 - Winter 2022

"A body of work that celebrates puns, phrases and slang. Still life paintings matched with punchy and playful wording that is typical to Frankie's 'cheeky' style." - Frankie Thorp, Sweet Nothings

Frankie Thorp x amie

Drop 3 - High Summer 2022

"A fictional weekend getaway in 70s Miami" - Frankie Thorp, A Weekend at Château Rose

'Hot Girl Summer' by Frankie Thorp

This solo exhibition presents twenty-two new original paintings by Frankie Thorp. Inspired by memories of childhood summer holidays, she also captures the palpable excitement for our ability to travel abroad and enjoy "long lunches" with friends after two years of lockdown. Frankie's work is at once evocative of past generations, with kitsch 70's references, and at the same time captures contemporary trends and cults with acerbic wit and humour - underpinned by the bold wording and slogans that caption her paintings. 

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Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

"A body of work celebrating the euphoria of a long, lazy summer afternoon.. Still lifes that feature cocktails, fruit and the aftermath of dining. I always like my work to have a cheeky and playful twist on the more traditional still life and with this collection in particular I have driven the narrative of being on a Summer holiday that most of us long for." - Frankie Thorp

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