Alice Carr

Alice is an Australian born British Artist based between Oxford and Edinburgh. Her figurative works explore the ideas of female loneliness, the boundaries between human and animal, and finding identity in an alienating world. 

Using bold colours and distorted forms, Alice works from imagination to create a sense of the absurd and a particular kind of playfulness, with the figure of the cowboy often used as a stand-in for herself. Her recent work explores the power of nostalgia in western films, with the cowboy as a romanticisation of loneliness, a nomadic loner who is closer to nature and his horse than to humanity.

Alice received her BA degree in medieval languages from the University of Cambridge in 2012. She attended the Royal Drawing School’s Online Drawing Development Year in 2022, and Turps Correspondence Course in 2023. Her paintings have been shown in galleries, art fairs, and held in collections in Europe, Australia and North America.

"My work grows from doodles I make while I’m watching films and reading, and almost always from imagination or memory. I draw to understand myself and the world, but I also draw to make myself laugh - humour is really important in my work. I’ve recently been using the figure of the cowboy to represent myself in an attempt to understand my identity and romantacise my own peripatetic life."

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Beauty & Terror - A Group Exhibition

We're excited to present Beauty & Terror- The exhibition invites our artists to interpret themes inspired by a quote by Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke from 'Go to the Limits of Your Longing': “Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, no feeling is final.”

“When I think of beauty and terror, I immediately think of nature and its power to be both awe inspiring and terrifying, and the beauty and terror that one feels when lost in the landscape.” - Alice Carr

The Artist Open Call Collection 2023

“Why do we love westerns? The image of the cowboy is ubiquitous, sometimes out of style  but always there. A symbol of promise, rebellion and heroism, but in reality the cowboy represents loneliness, a figure who straddles the line between the known and the unknown, man and nature, society and wilderness. “Everyone wants to be a cowboy” is a collection of work I made this year to try to understand why I can’t stop western films, and why the cowboy means so much to us.” - Alice Carr, Everyone Wants To Be A Cowboy

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