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Beauty & Terror - An Online Exhibition

We’re excited to present our online exhibition, Beauty & Terror, featuring the work of Alice CarrFreyja LeePhilip MaltmanCasey Moore, and Mary West.

The exhibition invites our artists to interpret themes inspired by a quote by Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke from 'Go to the Limits of Your Longing': "Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, no feeling is final."

In this series of work, each artist has created layered and complex pieces, using medium, colour, composition, and symbolism to narrate unique stories of contrasts - night and day, good and bad, or indeed beauty and terror.

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"In this fragile burning world, what can we do but continue to find moments of grace and marvel in things that can't be defined? Small moments of joy, the fragility of flowers, the leap and pain in the stomach of love and fear." - Freyja Lee

“When I think of beauty and terror, I immediately think of nature and its power to be both awe inspiring and terrifying, and the beauty and terror that one feels when lost in the landscape.” - Alice Carr

“Although we might look for unity in approaching life, spiritually and materially the pendulum swings between night and day, good and bad or indeed beauty and terror. A Garden is a great exemplar of this duality especially if seen in its dark and light seasons.” - Philip Maltman

“It was after reading more of Rilke’s writing that I gathered these works together as I feel they tread a line between the flower as a celebrated fact of nature and something more ephemeral and human, destined to last only for a short while.” - Casey Moore

“I interpreted the theme through remembered landscapes and places of extremes. Each canvas not only draws on physical landscapes but also psychological spaces. The paintings are deeply personal, drawn from both shared and solitary experiences.” - Mary West

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