Philip Maltman

Philip Maltman was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1950, moving to Swinging London in the sixties where he attended Hornsey College of Art and finished his studies at Ravensbourne College of Art.

Philip Maltman's aim is to dictate the contents of a painting through manually working the paint, rarely allowing the paint to work too much by itself through technical experiment or chemical treatment, which can produce startling yet ultimately vacuous results. Accidents may see paint frequently “doing its own thing” and this is considered and modified where necessary. The painting is then complemented by drawing and handwritten text.

"That is the thing with painting, it is a struggle with the self and if the self is prone to rebel or argue then the results can be disturbingly interesting and never concluded in conventional acceptance."

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My Shore - Your Horizon

Philip Maltman has long worked from the shores of his native Ayrshire, particularly focussing on objects on the shore and at the same time referencing the distant Antrim horizon with the island of Ailsa Craig in between. The title, “My Shore - Your Horizon” relates to a collaborative project between artists Philip Maltman and Katy English. There have been two exhibitions in London and Ayrshire, of works which relate to their respective shores of South Ayrshie and County Antrim.

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