Alessandra Chambers

Alessandra Chambers is a multi-media artist working across textiles, mark making and printing, who works under the name "AEAND". The name AEAND references her initials A.E: Alessandra Erica followed by ‘&’ implying there is a vacancy there to be filled, or a pairing to be made. ‘AE’: the artist, illustrator, designer, maker - ‘&’: the material, textile, paper, print, crayon, space, interior.

Her background is in illustration and printed textile design, and she has always been excited by the process of abstraction, as opposed to ‘real’ narrative depictions. Her work is deeply inspired by travel; be that a journey to a foreign or familiar place, a creative journey, or a collaborative journey. Also culture; habits, beliefs, traditions, rituals, tools and objects.

Her work is predominantly created from the perspective of ‘the artist’, whilst considering a the holistic viewpoint of a ‘lifestyle’ brand. Exploring the parameters between the artist, the maker and the designer.

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Alessandra's Style

Alessandra's work has been heavily influenced by the fact that she experienced different cultures from a young age. Growing up, her dad lived in China. Seeing him explore the world through his work and having spent a lot of time visiting Asia, that opened the door for her love of travel and the unknown journeys it brings. She was always fascinated by the foreign and unfamiliar objects he would bring home from his travels. 

Her work is a form of escapism, not only in the cathartic nature of creating itself, but in the content of her imagery. The motifs in her designs and artworks act almost as a visual diary of her inspirations. She enjoys observing the world through an abstracted lens of shape and colour, finding beauty in simplicity. The use of hand-made, natural and considered materials are important to her practice, not only from a sustainable point of view, but again for the imperfect beauty that comes from a sheet of handmade rag paper, or length of raw edged linen. Alessandra enjoys the commitment to the playful limitations of material & process and how this circles back to the holistic view she takes on her work.

"Recently I visited the Charlotte Perriand exhibition in Paris and her words perfectly summarise my feelings towards creating. There is art in everything, whether it be an action, a vase. A saucepan, a glass, a piece of sculpture, a jewel, a way of being. I suppose I am trying to capture the beauty and the art in my observation of everyday life through my experiences of travel & culture. Translating this into artworks and objects that then live on our walls and in our homes, enriching our experience of daily living." - Alessandra Chambers

Drop 5 - Winter 2020

"This collection is inspired by my printing process, as I use paper cutouts to create my printed textiles, I often find myself attracted to the simplicity of the cut paper shapes, randomly arranged across the cloth. The shapes and forms of the 'MAQUETTE' collection are inspired by maquettes and 2D sculptures. Celebrating the simplicity of shape, form and material." - Alessandra Chambers, Maquette Series

Still Life . Series I

"Whilst this body of work was created during lockdown throughout the global pandemic, I took the time to find beauty in my immediate surroundings, my home. Whilst travel is a key source of inspiration for me, of course with this being limited/not-possible during lockdown I decided to explore the objects in my home and create a series of still life compositions with these everyday items, alongside found materials from beach walks and simple citrus fruits. For me the introduction of the found materials from the beach and the use of citrus fruit brought a sense of ’the mediterranean’ aesthetic and lifestyle which we all crave. 

The notion that these objects themselves represent ‘travel' fulfilled my desire to seek and explore my usual process of gathering inspiration; the stone that has been moved from beach to beach, the citrus fruit that has been grown in one country and shipped to another, the vase from Mexico, the wooden utensil from morocco, the glass carafe from France. From a small proximity of my home and the beach, i hope to have captured not only a sense of stillness and ’staying put’ in the still life compositions, but also in the palette used and the objects featured capture the freedom, inspiration and joy of travel." - Alessandra Chambers


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