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Alexandria Coe

Alexandria Coe is a London based artist who studied at Chelsea College of Art before completing her masters at Central Saint Martins. Adopting skills from her studies in textile design and illustration, she now focuses on a simplified drawing practise as a root to connecting with an authentic relationship with the body.

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Alex's Style

The main subject of her work is the female nude. She focuses upon the simplification of the human form, exploring the depth of expression that is possible with minimalist mark-making. Her style is adapted to convey a neutral view of the female form via drawing. Always working in series, she creates collections of drawings that interact with each other to stimulate a feeling of sensuality and sexuality; exploring the subtle differences between what it is to be nude and to be naked. Her method is impulsive and innate, a type of automatic drawing. 


Her own understanding of the female form guides her hand to create powerful and evocative forms that are at once abstract in their simplicity, yet instantly recognisable to the viewer. Experience, mind and hand are all connected in Alexandria's approach to mark making, and she is highly skilled in her ability to build montages which are playful whilst also, at times, provocative.


These works, produced exclusively for Partnership Editions, are all original one-off artworks on paper. If you'd like to discuss a bespoke commission by Alexandria, get in touch.

"I am always fascinated by the symbolism found within the naked form, the varying interpretations that can divide viewers. I find drawing in its rawest form, with the simplest colour palette, is the best way connect back to an authentic view of female form. In the complexities of modern life it is essential to find a style that can engage, without over complication." - Alexandria Coe

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Drop 5 - Winter 2022

"My last collection i created in London. Blue for me signifies a transitional stage, something between the sea and the horizon. Blue, is the colour of travel, a voyage towards something. The figures dance, the oil stick captures that sense of movement. This was how I was feeling, on the bridge of something new, in constant flux, towards freedom." - Alexandria Coe

Drop 2 - Summer 2022

"This Collection is literally straight from my studio. I often keep original sketches from sittings with Models. These are my favourites from Spring. Mostly of Cassie- These drawings display the strange blur between the intimacy of the moment between artist and sitter, but yet also the exchange between strangers. This reminds me how in a short space of time nakedness, strips down the discomfort between two people, revealing the equality between two people." - Alexandria Coe, Studio Selects: Series 1

Drop 1 - New Year 2022

”Unfinished and undeveloped, these drawings act as raw expression and an emotional response to the subject that for most of us will either cause discomfort or pleasure.” - Alexandria Coe, Studio Nudes

In The Flesh

This curation is on show at our exhibition 'In The Flesh'. It was on display at 105 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8NQ from 25th November to 19th December 2021.

This will be the first time that the artists of Partnership Editions have come together in a physical space since lockdown has lifted, and it celebrates the very fact that we're able to see their works in person again.

We embrace the many purposes of an exhibition: a way to unite artists and collectors, and an opportunity to engage with both people and art - something we've all been deprived of for too long.

The works in this exhibition have been selected based on their exceptional skill and power to communicate. See their colours, their textures, experience their emotions, let them get under your the flesh.

Drop 3 - Summer 2021

"I found so much stillness from these initial drawings, it has been something I'd been searching for. I like the slight vulnerability of each pose, but something very strong and determined in the way she faces you. The blue came in a spoatneous moment- it's always the first colour I am drawn to. It's calm and alive at the same time." - Alexandria Coe, Francois In Blue

Drop 2 - Spring 2021

"This collection, started a series of self portraits on what feels lie the last days of winter. They signified my emotional headspace as well as a feeling on confinement. However the frantic brush movements and the speed to which each is painted represents that need for pace and those sudden bursts of creativity, as if spring trying to burst through winter." - Alexandria Coe, Night Nudes

Drop 1 - New Year 2021

"This collection was created on a residency in the sun. The whole experience for me was about finding a space to rest, creating a new home within a new place. That idea of home being a place we come back to ourselves. These images are of two friends from the same residency, basking in the sun. I asked them to simply be comfortable within a “ resting position” under the blue sky." - Alexandria Coe, Resting Nudes In Blue

Drop 5 - Winter 2020

"This collection was for me about creating images that show deep reflection. Healing time. I wanted the nudes to be in comfortable position as they sit in the dark background and shine as the only light on the page." - Alexandria Coe, Nudes in the dark

Drop 4 - Autumn 2020

"Green, seemed a thorough neutral colour. A positive contention to nature, environmental politics, growth and wide open fields. Though is also the colour of envy and deep reflection. These nudes in green, continuing my growing interest within the inner and outer conflicts of womanhood today. 

For how I was feeling the green represented growth as well as a need to grow out of a dark space. Each nude was created spontaneously with the purest of green, and wide brushstrokes full of movement. Like growth, these green nudes symbolise something unfinished and ever evolving." - Alexandria Coe, Green Nudes

Drop 3 - High Summer 2020

“I drew these mid lock down, I had a model on zoom, and zero paper to hand. Though the result on the tracing I love, there is an immediacy and a haste the drawings I love. As each drawing is unique to that moment and time for me each tells a story of its own. Every time I sit to draw, especially with a model, it becomes a mirror unto my current emotions, and mood. Here for me there is urgency, that constricts against the confinement of lockdown. For me no drawing can be replicated and so I really wanted to keep these as they were on the tracing paper, with all the rips and imperfections. This I feel really captures the essence of a model, the essence of being, and embodiment of womanhood." - Alexandria Coe, Imperfect Figures

Reclining Nudes

Nudes in Nude

Blue Nudes

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