Animals - An Exhibition by Joshua Perkin


10th to 13th November 2022

In November 2022, Barcelona-based artist Joshua Perkin exhibited a large new body of work for his first solo show in London, Animals. 

The name of the exhibition references Joshua Perkin’s past and his present, having grown up on a farm in the U.K, he has always been surrounded by animals. Yet the title's direct detachment from the act of painting emphasises his reluctance to guide or direct a dialogue about the work, in any way beyond a willingness to talk about who he is and where he came from.

Currently renovating a secluded property in rural Spain by hand, and taking care of all the cats and dogs and birds, of the fish and the vegetables, painting what he builds and building what he paints, Joshua is present. There is a stillness and belonging to these paintings that binds them to his new home, to him, to how and where he is living.

The exhibition also features ceramics by Ana Kerin.

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A series of figures, who are just that, figures. Free from who or when and where, idle, tender, bored even, inhabiting a Mediterranean-esque expanse of imagined space. Landscapes that buck when you try to impose narrative or take any great deal of meaning from them. A gentle sense of melancholy, like the ringing of a lone bell, permeates throughout this collection and yet his palette is a warm, joyful one. The compositions are intimate, the gestures of his figures nuanced and refined. An enigmatic ambiguity deconstructing our need to interpret and understand, thereby allowing us to just feel.

Introduction by Joe Abercrombie

"My work is more about human interaction and our emotional connection than an attempt to represent a reality.” - Joshua Perkin

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