Cafe Culture - An Exhibition by Isabella Cotier



15th to 18th June

We're delighted to bring you Cafe Culture, a solo exhibition by Isabella Cotier held at Lant Street Wine from 15th - 18th June.

The exhibition celebrates the long-standing tradition of cafe culture, something that Isabella has always had a fascination with as an avid people watcher and regular sketcher in cafes. The show will feature 81 original artworks created in her local London ‘caffs’ and the cafes of Florence (where she lived before London).

Created from life in her pocket size sketchbooks, they capture the wonderful characters that she has observed as well as the unique atmosphere you find in cafes - spaces that reminds us to slow down. The works bring together the observed and the imagined to create a totally unique world inspired by the history of Parisian Cafe culture with its absinthe drinkers, Toulouse Lautrec and Hemingway characters. 

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Cotier is known for her vibrant, humorous and energetic works that depict weird and wonderful street-scenes that she impulsively draws in her ever-growing collection of sketchbooks. She has a knack for seeing humour and irony in the seemingly mundane, skillfully capturing both the manner of a specific person or a moment in time whilst adding a sprinkling of her own surrealist flair. The result is a unique style that has captured the imagination of many leading brands including Gucci who commissioned her for a line of clothing.

A nod to the theme, the exhibition will take place at Lant Street Wine, a wine shop and cafe in the heart of Bermondsey where people are welcome to enjoy a drink or meet with friends whilst viewing the exhibition.

“I want these works to show my appreciation of the cities I have lived in. Like Florence, London is rich with its history and traditions. The tradition, 'cafe culture', is one that I am particularly interested in; the unique warm atmosphere attracts equally unique characters.” - Isabella Cotier.

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