Calming Artworks

One of the most beautiful principles of art is the power to express important ideas or feelings, influencing the audience to have an emotional reaction. This edit looks at our favourite Partnership Edition artworks that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility.

Whether it's as a viewer or creator, art can be hugely meditative and a wonderful way to relax and de-stress, especially during such an uncertain time. Whether abstract artworks like Venetia Berry's muted Tranquility Series, or ethereal styles like Charlotte Edey's imagined landscapes, these works of art will help take the edge off.

And why not read Venetia's Journal piece on How to Use Mindfulness to Harness Your Creativity to learn how to channel these artwork's energy in your creative and personal life.

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"Every day I practice numerous rituals to keep my mental health and anxiety at bay, such as meditation, yoga, breath work and cold water therapy. I really wanted to reflect this constant search for peace and tranquility within these works, particularly as the return to ‘normal’ looms and there is a certain feel of anxiety in the air. I have been thinking a lot about the works of Helen Frankenthaler and Agnes Martin recently, I love the way their works engulf the viewer, you could stare at them for hours in a trance-like state." - Venetia Berry, Tranquility Series

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