Catherine-Marie Longtin

Catherine-Marie Longtin is a Montreal-born quilter and textile artist. She learned sewing from her mother and started sewing table linens and duvet covers as a teenager. After an academic career and a PhD in cognitive science that took her from Montreal to Paris, Lyon, and Cambridge (UK), she decided to go back to her passion for textiles and art.

Since 2016 she has had a studio in South East London, near her home where she lives with her husband and two children. Her quilts reflect her love of textiles, colour and abstract art.

Central to her work is the blurring of boundaries between art and craft and her influences range from artists such as Josef and Anni Albers, Mark Rothko, Agnes Martin, Louise Bourgeois, but also of quilters like the Gee’s Bend and Bosna Quilts collectives.

Process is an important part of her work that she delights in - enjoying the tactility of the process; creating some pieces "improv" with hand stitching, whilst others may be carefully drawn out in advance and using machine work. She hopes that clients will also enjoy the physicality of her pieces: "feel the weight of the quilt on their lap, touch the surface dimpled by stitches, enjoy the meeting of colours and textures. Quilts have the tactile physicality that often separates arts and crafts." 

It is possible to be rooted in tradition yet push the boundaries to forge a deeply personal path, and in doing so challenge the viewer’s perception of what a craft can be.

Watch - In The Studio With Catherine-Marie Longtin

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The Christmas Collection

"Opposites is a collection of four artworks made in quick succession with a limited colour palette. They are examples of the ever versatile log cabin patchwork block, which allow variations not only within the block but in the way multiple blocks can be arranged. I've added a 3D texture effect by either using lofty wool wadding underneath or simply displaying the reverse of the patchwork, which shows the seams and threads usually hidden inside the quilt." - Catherine-Marie Longtin, Opposites

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November Drop 2023

March Drop 2023

"Either improvised or meticulously planned, these seven pieces display a range of techniques central to the art of patchwork and quilt making, from the log cabin to English paper piecing and appliqué. From the first cut to the securing of the last stitch, the sense of artistic flow gradually translates into movement of colours and patterns in textile form. The seemingly freehand designs contrast with the control exerted on the materials, as fabric is tamed by small stitches and the heat of the iron and slowly secured into place to become part of a coherent whole." - Catherine-Marie Longtin, Slow Craft - Slow Stitch

Drop 5 - Winter 2022

"Behind each piece of this collection is an element of play: on colour, on texture, on pattern. The possibilities of patchwork are endless and I’ll never tire of stitching two pieces of material together and seeing where it leads, whether a tessellation of polygons or a variation on the log cabin or the humble stripe pattern, here stretched on canvas frames to add the softness of textiles to any art collection." - Catherine-Marie Longtin, Play

Drop 2 - Summer 2022

"I only truly started to develop my own aesthetic when I realised that I could draw inspiration from beyond the world of traditional quilting and revisit long loved artists to reinterpret their sense of colour and proportion in my quilts. This second collection is an homage to the art that had a profound influence on my work." - Catherine-Marie Longtin, Where inspiration lies

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The Home Open Call Collection

"With this first collection, my wish was to create pieces that showcased the colour palettes I love - from moody greens and burgundy to vivid teal, orange and ochre - and introduce the variety of techniques I use in the process of designing and making quilts. Some quilts are meticulously planned, like the ones featuring tile patterns; others are improvised assemblies of fabric, instinctively put together to create abstract patchwork artworks embedded in wide frames of solid linen. While these five linen quilts portray my own contemporary aesthetic, they were made using time honoured techniques like the log cabin, foundation piecing and English paper piecing." - Catherine-Marie Longtin, Process

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