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Cecilia Reeve

Cecilia Reeve is a London-based artist and animator who graduated from the University of Brighton where she studied Illustration and is currently doing her MA in animation at The Royal College of Art.

Cecilia has a deep fascination with swimming pools and the way that light can dance across the water and how bodies are fragmented within them. A modern-day Hockney, Cecilia celebrates the rich and intricate patterns that refract across a water’s surface, creating a unique style that blurs the boundaries between figuration and abstraction. There is often a mysterious and somewhat unsettling atmosphere present within her work which gives it a narrative and filmic quality, thus creating the link between her paintings and animations.

Cecilia is also interested in themes based around femininity, using her art to capture the ethereal world of emotion that cannot be explained in words. 

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Cecilia's Style

In these settings, the inhabitants are aware of an onlooker while, at the same time, appearing not to care about being observed. 

Through these stolen glimpses of other worlds, Cecilia invites the viewer to experience different emotions, ranging from feelings of isolation and desire to contemplation.

"I think that the most important thing to me is to evoke an emotional response with the viewer." - Cecilia Reeve

In The Flesh

This curation is on show at our exhibition 'In The Flesh'. Come see it to 105 Pimplico Road, SW1W 8NQ from 25th November to 19th December 2021.

This will be the first time that the artists of Partnership Editions have come together in a physical space since lockdown has lifted, and it celebrates the very fact that we're able to see their works in person again.

We embrace the many purposes of an exhibition: a way to unite artists and collectors, and an opportunity to engage with both people and art - something we've all been deprived of for too long.

The works in this exhibition have been selected based on their exceptional skill and power to communicate. See their colours, their textures, experience their emotions, let them get under your skin...in the flesh.

Drop 6 - Winter 2021

"In this new series of paintings I wanted to explore how the idea of water changes and creates new meanings in images. It allows us to imagine alternate worlds that move out of sync with our own and operate below the surface. These instances are imagined by the dancing reflections upon the surface and also our own interactions that we have with water, whether it be by caressing the surface or diving in." - Cecilia Reeve, Below the Surface

The Debut Home Collection

"When designing this Wall Hanging I introduced a simplified but eye catching colour palette that, along with the subject matter, would bring a sense of wonder and escapism into the everyday." - Cecilia Reeve, Diving Into Moonlight

Drop 4 - High Summer 2021

"When in water we enter a state where almost anything can be imagined, our bodies begin to move out of time to the rest of the world. In this series I wanted to explore this idea through reflections of imagined dancers, their balletic movements suspended in alternate realms. In these reflections it is possible to dance among the clouds, with the moon or simply by a pool." - Cecilia Reeve, Water Dancers

Drop 3 - Summer 2021

“In this series of gouache paintings I was very much drawn to painting reflections and shadows. These ephemeral instances such as the reflection of a foot in water or sunlight slanting across the floor, add a kind of magical dimension to everyday life.” - Cecilia Reeve, Sunbeams and Reflections

Spring Limited Edition Prints

Drop 1 - New Year 2021

"I read once that swimming is the closest we feel to flying and in this collection I wanted to explore the complete freedom that being submerged in water invites. Working in gouache paint I drew inspiration from photos, memory and my imagination to create a series of fantastical pools and swimmers." - Cecilia Reeve, Submerged and Flying

Drop 5 - Winter 2020

"In this collection I wanted to create a series of etchings that were mediative and tranquil; exploring small moments of stillness and beauty. Inspired by my own imagination, surroundings and memories I wanted these prints to work together as a three and also on their own. Etching is not a process I am too familiar with and it was wonderful for me to explore and adapt to this new medium."- Cecilia Reeve, The Etching Series

Winter Limited Edition Prints

Drop 4 - Autumn 2020

"In this collection I wanted to explore the mythologies and mysticsm that surround water and bathing. I was very much inspired by a lot of the wild swimming I did over the summer after lockdown eased. Using gouache and soft pastel I worked from my memories and imagination to capture these dreamlike ventures."- Cecilia Reeve, Catching Water

Drop 3 - High Summer 2020

"This collection was sort of a love letter to swimming pools. I wanted to explore the feelings of freedom and contemplation that these spaces ignite. I really enjoyed making this collection, exploring different ways to create watery effects. Some of the spaces are imagined dreamlike interiors while others are inspired by real places and memories. " - Cecilia Reeve

Drop 2 - Spring / Summer 2020

"An unintentional motif that arose in my new collection was the sense of both escape and restrictiveness that is offered by light and windows. Whether it be the setting sun glimpsed through a bathroom window, or a shadow cast on the floor. 

My pieces were made during lockdown when I took inspiration from my own environment and also from photos friends had taken of their own spaces. The sense of bringing the outside inside in these pictures helps highlight my own feelings of peaceful isolation during lockdown." - Cecilia Reeve


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