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Fee Greening

Fee Greening is a London based artist and illustrator who graduated from Central St. Martin's in 2012 and received a Masters from the Royal College of Art in 2014.

Fee has a great talent for taking the traditional and giving it a contemporary and witty spin. She has adopted an age-old method of working with dip pen and ink. She is a talented draughtsman, storyteller and social commentator. Fee has recently worked with brands such as Gucci (designing their Gucci in Bloom perfume), as well as for Florence and the Machine - designing her Hyde Park concert t-shirt. She was a part of The Great Women Artists exhibition in 2017. 

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Her work is clearly inspired by Medieval, Gothic and Flemish art, but whilst referencing tradition, her witty titles and contemporary subject matter gives her work a currency and playful edge. Her well-known Icons series plays on religious iconography, but adapts this style to depict celebrities such as Beyonce, Kate Bush and Grace Jones, as well as cultural figures such as famous artists, including Picasso, Dali and Barbara Hepworth. 


Read about Fee in Liberty London's journal where she discusses how she's influenced by Medieval and Gothic art. 


Fee is also available for special commissions and bespoke illustrations. If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

"Although my inspirations are predominantly historic, medieval mysticism and renaissance iconography, I hope to make work which straddles the old with the new." - Fee Greening

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