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Francisca Brunet Bayón

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Francisca has also lived for periods in Argentina, Spain and New Zealand; moving around as a natural way of searching for answers, experiences, explorations and meanings. Her work intends to connect the experience and subjective knowledge of external experiences with her own internal emotions of trauma, joy, and fear. Creating mostly paintings and drawings, she is interested in capturing and representing hidden essences of places, objects, and living things, but mostly human emotions and their contradictions.

Francisca portrays the tension between what’s perceived and what’s experienced, what comes spontaneously and what’s planned, and what's identified in contrast with what’s unknown. Her work can feel familiar, but uncomfortable as well. The interaction of ambiguous forms are intended to lead us to encounter our own void and the inevitable questioning of our origins, identities, and territories. Her work has been exhibited in Chile, Argentina, México, UK, USA, Spain, Greece, and Belgium.

"I believe a particular state of mind can lead to creating complex or simple narratives that involve fiction as much as reality in an unconscious and impulsive way of connecting nature, personal contexts, and life experiences with everything surrounding us in everyday life. The encounter between these factors is what I believe and hope to be the leading string in my work." - Francisca Brunet Bayón

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September Drop 2023

"This collection consists of two main series that were conceived over a period of huge conflicts bewteen opposite emotions that navigate strong attachment and dettachment, the sense of familiar and the uncanny, comfort and risk , what's real and what's imagined. Both series explore the possible paths that link these opposites through an absolute uncertainty." - Francisca Brunet Bayón, Ambivalent dysmorphias

July Drop 2023

""Lightweight shadows" is a personal approach to different quests around social conventions. It's a way of establishing questions around the idea of what has been learned and lacks real meaning. The shadows of imitation, repetition and replication of cultural heritage and stereotypes. The weight of being "in place" while feeling dysmorphic." - Francisca Brunet Bayon, Lightweight shadows

May Drop 2023

The Artist Open Call Collection

'Francisca’s work is completely wild and completely free. They are so gloriously natural in form and fluidity' — Mollie E Barnes, Independent curator and Founder of The Residency

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