Harriet Hoult

Harriet Hoult is a British-born artist, currently working from her studio in West London. Her painting is process-led, with materiality and colour at the heart. The pieces are abstract and explore themes such as home, a sense of belonging, and physical and psychological boundaries. Each painting aims to create a rich sensory experience, along with a bold expression of texture, composition, and color. There is often a sculptural element, to take you beyond the intellectual process, to an underlying visceral experience.

She has spent time living and painting in Cornwall, which has had a strong influence on her work. During her time in Cornwall she attended Newlyn Art School and was mentored by ceramicist and artist Sandy Brown. Her paintings have been shown in galleries, art fairs, and private collections in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

"I am endlessly fascinated by space and spaces and I explore this through my work. I am interested in how different spaces can promote distinct responses, and how sometimes, you can physically sense the energy of a space, almost as if the space is touching your skin. For me, space can also offer silence, and in that silence I am held, nurtured, and contained. When I am painting, I never plan a piece beforehand, I just let the paint, mark by mark be my guide." - Harriet Hoult

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'Her paired back, discreetly layered, multimedia pieces offers a moment of rest while touching on deep emotions' — Katarina Matsson, Editor at ELLE Decoration Sweden and Podcast host

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