Hester Finch

Hester Finch is a London-based artist who studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford University. Hester works in a variety of media, from oil paint to pastel, concentrating primarily on the nude. Her work is utterly captivating in its power to lure us in with her technical skill and her use of bright and inviting colours, and then trap us in a claustrophobic, often-nightmarish world. She says: "My intention is to represent a psychological space as much as a literal one."

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Hester's Style

The female nude is a common theme in her work. She constructs angular and awkward bodies which are at once highly representational, and at the same time abstract in their faceted, flat planes of colour. Hester plays on the familiarity and predictability of an age old subject - the nude female model posing for the artist; but in her work, the mundane is juxtaposed with the surreal, and the gaze is subverted (no longer that of a male artist, musing the female body). 


It is this surreal quality which makes Hester's work so fascinating - her seated nudes are not seductive, but rather they feel watched to the extent that we, the viewer, become complicit as captors of these women. They are firmly seated in their chairs (by will?) and backed against a wall, often with a looming shadow creeping up behind them, suggesting that they are being surveyed under harsh light. Rooted in feminist theory, her works powerfully represent the female experience.


Read Hester's interview with Liberty London where she discusses her influences and her process and this Times Magazine feature where Charlie Gowans-Eglinton discusses body image and the uplifting experience of posing for her nude portrait by Hester Finch.


To enquire about Hester's available oil paintings or to discuss a private commission please get in touch.

"My work explores the human experience from a personal and female perspective. Using either soft pastel on coloured paper or oil on linen, I utilise the female nude in a simple interior setting, often alongside props such as plants or drapery that symbolise sexuality and fertility, and always set against looming shadows. The whole is rendered in bold, clashing colour, subverting what could be pretty and submissive into something more threatening and unsettling." - Hester Finch

Drop 5 - Autumn 2021

"With these four works, there is less manipulation of the figure; rather instead I have focused on ways of rendering the flesh. In particular I have been experimenting with honing in on and working up just one part of the body, leaving the rest rough, blurred and dissolved. Light continues to add structure with shadows reduced to graphic flat areas of colour." - Hester Finch, Rendering The Nude

Drop 4 - High Summer 2021

"Combining all of my recent motifs - fire, falling, water and doubles - this little group brings together the various ways I have tried to address the experience of this last year, both from a personal and a universal perspective." - Hester Finch, Midlife

Drop 3 - Summer 2021

"In this new series of drawings I’ve run with the split nudes from the previous group, sometimes using the figures to imply a reflection or for each half to act as a supportive structure to the other. I have also isolated the woman by removing the chair creating poses that therefore appear unbalanced and there is a suggestion of movement. Finally by rotating the figure I aim to create a sense of tipping, falling or sinking. New materials such as powdered pastel, ink and pencil have disrupted my process and create different textures and marks." - Hester Finch, Two Halves

Drop 2 - Spring 2021

"This latest series carries on from my previous drawings, focusing on a psychological space rather than a literal one. Nudes have been split and paired together to form a new body, one that is evolved, deformed, and changed into something more totemic. These composites expand or retract and often hark back to my multiple faces and my headless nudes." - Hester Finch, The Split Nudes

Drop 1 - New Year 2021

"This latest set of drawings were all completed in 2021 but some were begun in 2020 and straddle almost the full duration of the pandemic (so far). They are an attempt to describe the disconnect between experience and sensation often through the distortion of technology, be it a phone or the computer screen. Some marks have become blurred, other edges have become hard and askew, heightened colours reference 90s computer graphics. All of this is intended to create a kind of alter reality, a sense of the unreal, in essence a virtual reality." - Hester Finch, Alter Reality

Drop 5 - Winter 2020

"Fire as a metaphor has endless potential: creativity, passion, danger, annihilation, pain. It suggests the full spectrum of intense feeling and my drawings are open to whichever interpretation you choose. For me, they are all autobiographical, an attempt to reflect my experience. They are not representing a literal space, rather a psychological one. 

Key elements of the composition I use remain consistent - the confined domestic interior, the hard shadows, the female nude - and each of these hold their own particular meaning. Change is added through colour, distortion and props. The burning nudes are deliberately ambiguous: do the flames and billowing smoke signify power or do they threaten to consume the figure and raze her to the ground." - Hester Finch, The Burning Nudes

Partnership Editions x MADE

We are thrilled to present our new collaboration with the leading online design and homeware brand MADE.COM on a line of exclusive limited edition prints, as well as a collection of original artworks that the prints were created from - available below. 

Work by six Partnership Editions artists are included in the collection stretching from figurative to abstract, architectural to watercolours. Hester Finch has created three exclusive figurative Giclee prints in editions of 50. The framed works will be available from MADE.COM and will come framed with a certificate from the artist, and the original artworks are available exclusively via us, below.

Winter Limited Edition Prints

Drop 4 - Autumn 2020

“The intention for my nudes in their domestic interiors has always been that they represent a psychological space and the state of their heads has played a key part in this. At the beginning I simply lopped them off and these were the headless nudes. They then transitioned to faceless abstractions, then to multiple heads and now I have the burning heads. Created in part to reflect the maelstrom that is 2020, they are also intensely personal ruminations on my own life.” - Hester Finch, The Sense of Self and Of Touch

Drop 3 - High Summer 2020

"This latest body of work, made in the latter half of lockdown, is especially concerned with liminality, that is to say existing in a state of limbo, transitioning between two stages in life and shifting identities. The drawings continue my preoccupation with the female experience from an autobiographical perspective, focusing on the schism triggered by the differing demands of the various roles a woman might attempt to fulfil e.g. artist, mother, wife, lover etc.

I have further developed a number of motifs, especially that of the multiple over-layed figures, with an emphasis on the repeating face to reflect this psychology. This sense of crisis is heightened by a colour palette that is occasionally more acidic and trippy." - Hester Finch

Drop 2 - Spring / Summer 2020

"My drawings have always been autobiographical, usually using the life model as a vehicle for the ideas I am trying to express. However, with lockdown I have no longer been able to access my models and so have had to turn my gaze upon myself and my own body, sometimes using truncated limbs, such as my hand, sometimes my face, occasionally my full length figure. With this has come a certain liberation, a release from working with idealised beauty, and a sense of being less precious. And much as it is for everyone, the strangeness of social isolation, the intensity of feelings it brings from love to lust to rage to despair, as well as the pure mundanity of it provide ample fodder for exploration.

Lockdown strips away all the fluff with which we usually obscure our lives and we're left with the bare essentials of who we are for better or worse. To examine myself provides a relief. I was also fortunate enough to work with a good friend and her four month old baby just before lockdown. As a parent myself, motherhood is an idea I can obsess over. Drawing the two of them together was a very intimate and moving experience, especially poignant given current circumstances. And already you can see me playing with the multiple face motif which seems fitting for the ideas of identity that I grapple with as a woman and an artist and as a mother and wife, and also an appropriate evolution from my previous headless nudes." - Hester Finch

Drop 1 - Spring 2020


Islington Square

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