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In the Studio with Alexandria Coe


24 October - 3 November

Using drawing as a practice of understanding, this installation explores the traditional study of the human figure, whilst examining both historical and contemporary views of nakedness. The nude figure in art is one of the most popular but controversial subjects, asking the viewer to question their own views of nudity.

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The naked figure reveals much about our social and personal views on shame, sexuality and gender. The series of more than 100 drawings symbolise the ever changing refinement on modern day morality of the naked form. 


More than 100 works were exhibited, unframed as part of the installation, in an aim to mirror the creative thought process within the studio set up. The works are available to purchase from Islington Square and online below. The exhibition continues until Sunday 3rd November at 5pm.


(Photos and video by Georgia Rothman)

”Unfinished and undeveloped, these drawings act as raw expression and an emotional response to the subject ( nudity ) that for most of us will either cause discomfort or pleasure.” - Alexandria Coe

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