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In the Studio with Rose Electra Harris


6 - 17 November 2019

For Rose’s live artist studio exhibition Moving Rooms, she has been inspired by her time spent in Mexico earlier this year, as seen in the many fountains featured in her work that can be found in the squares of Mexico city. Meanwhile, she continues to explore the importance of the home and how it can be an extension of ourselves. Including objects and her own three- dimensional creations, Rose wants this exhibition to become a theatre of design, exposing what is possible within a space. Exhibiting large scale mixed media works alongside a selection of prints and ceramics, ‘Moving Rooms’ is an evolving space, changing day by day with new work.

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Hugely inspired by Betty Woodman’s 2016 show at the ICA and her favourite artist Matisse’s many studios throughout his life, Rose has created a colourful space which is immersive and interacive. 


Other sources of inspiration include works by Duffy, Hockey and Mexican architect Luis Barragan. After something specific by Rose - why not contact us about a bespoke commission?


( Photos by Georgia Rothman )

"When I look at an interior, usually one detail will stand out to me; this can be a piece of furniture, a textile, a design on a rug, even light through a window. It is normally this one detail that begins a drawing and from there I work out the rest instinctively. I like these objects to have their own individual characters, as if they are speaking to one another. A room is an oasis and the things within in are what bring it to life." - Rose Electra Harris

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