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Josefin Tolstoy

Josefin Tolstoy is a Swedish artist based in Uppsala. Josefin grew up in a creative home surrounded by colour and craft and went on to study graphic design and art direction.

Her process is intuitive, letting her creative instincts guide the direction of her work. She’s inspired by everything around her, transforming interiors, art, architecture and design into her own colourful expression.

She creates her own paint mixtures for her signature abstract pieces, using mortar as a thickener to give paint a solid structural feel once the material dries. She enjoys the added dimension to the process and physicality of the final pieces. This materiality is usually contrasted by a warm and gentle colour scheme, looking for a balance that is both expressive and vulnerable. 

“I’m inspired by clean shapes and soothing colours — especially the point where those two meet. I want my work to be an emotional cushion in an otherwise hard and at times cold world.” - Josefin Tolstoy

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My Warmest Collection Yet

“With this particular collection I was, as many of us are, affected by the suffering in the world around me. I needed to escape it and go in to a warm and safe space. To me colors have the impact to give comfort - and this time I really got in deep with red and pink tones.” - Josefin Tolstoy, My warmest collection yet
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