Laxmi Hussain

Laxmi Hussain is a London-based artist whose work exists somewhere between the abstract and the realistic. Having studied architecture, she enjoyed and excelled at the drawing and fluid art techniques within the course and this became a basis from which to explore all aspects of drawing.

After becoming a mother, Laxmi began drawing daily and sharing her work on Instagram, finding artwork to be a valuable means of reclaiming her own identity amid the emotional blurrings of motherhood. These experiences of motherhood can be seen clearly within her work, as well as exploring themes surrounding the body, specifically looking to challenge negative associations and normalise representation of all types of bodies within art.

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Laxmi's Style

Her process is primarily focused upon drawing and Laxmi loves to use a continuous line, completing drawings in one or sometimes two or three continuous lines. 

She will often practise this technique before starting a body of work either in pen, ink or pastel, using these initial drawings to influence the shapes of her paintings. She often paints in either ink or acrylic, whilst a lot of her work at the moment explores a single colour, she does often explore many tones of the same colour in ink.

“Working in the colour blue has been a process of love as well as an obsession, I personally love the conversation blue has with the world around it, in particular with natural tones. My obsession with this colour I feel comes from my mother, losing her peaked my obsession. I feel it was a way to connect my feelings with something real, pouring my love for her into my work. Working on my art allows me to process a lot of my grief, it grounds me.”

"This collection of work is dedicated to my mother, expressing her presence in every thought of my everyday. Becoming a mother again, there is an added level to my grief, raising a child without her - I know so many expressions, emotions and things we would have shared because I had her for my first two children. I hope this collection not only inspires more appreciation of the varying forms of motherhood, but a moment to reflect on our loved ones who may not be here, to remember so much of them lives on and loves in us." - Laxmi Hussain

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March Drop 2023

"This collection shares an on-going conversation I have with myself. To see myself, to see my worth, allow myself to take up space and to be kind to myself. I share these thoughts because I know so many of us go through them, there are many women who don't see their worth until someone else shows them. These pieces represent fragments, I often like to work this way, because the small pieces of us make the whole and we often overlook this. I see you and you are worthy." - Laxmi Hussain, I See You

This collection is launching Wednesday 29th March. Sign up to get presale access from 7 PM Wednesday 29th to 10 AM Thursday 30th.


"'Inang' means 'mother' in Ilocano, the dialect of the region in the Philippines that my mum is from. Having just returned from the Philippines a few weeks ago, my family bonds renewed, my heart draws me close to not only the recent memories just made on my trip but my who life's memories of travelling back 'home' with my mum so many times previously.

When my grandmother was still alive everyone referred to her as Inang - her identity and respect wrapped up in this name as both a mother and as the person she became. Our bonds our strong as a family and mothering doesn't stop just because your children have grown up, your mothering may extend to your grandchildren and even their children (Inang was lucky enough to be able to see some of hers).

This collection embraces the start of that journey, whilst new motherhood may tie you to the identity of mothering and looking after children, as time ages us, we become so much more than that, even if we are always still mothering." - Laxmi Hussain, Inang

Winter Prints 2022

Drop 5 - Winter 2022

"As you can probably tell, blue is quite an obsession to me. When I came back to the studio after the summer with my kids this year I felt the urge to explore the colour more. Straying from my usual ultramarine colour was refreshing, it was odd to be working in a different tone. I felt like I'd woken and my routine had changed but in such a subtle way I could not place the moment or thing that had changed it - I just felt different. I think every artist needs to explore stepping out of their comfort zone and this feels like the perfect way to end a year of work and projects that I've been really proud to take part in." - Laxmi Hussain, Which blue flows into you?

Drop 3 - High Summer 2022

"I've been working alongside my youngest now for 2 whole years! In many ways I think of that as a huge achievement, we have a daily "work" routine - which I feel quite smug about, we're fed, we're watered. All I can think about now as the summer holidays approach is how much I'm going to miss this when he starts to go to nursery soon. This collection explores that wonderful closeness we share, depicting moments of motherhood in the way I see it - beautiful moments, awkward ones, sometimes we hate that we are stuck to each other day in, day out. Motherhood isn't always easy and children don't always like their parents - but it's this long drawn out period of being together everyday, lovingly-or not, which has made us somehow...inseparable." - Laxmi Hussain, Inseparable

Drop 2 - Summer 2022

"I like the fluidity the act of working in continuous line brings, it's a technique I've been evolving for quite a few years now and I wanted to create a collection of works which all have this element of movement and connection to one another. I feel connected to other people through my artworks, when someone feels they can see an element of themselves represented in my work, my job is done. I want to show people a new way of seeing themselves, appreciating who they are. It should be more normal to see how varied we are - there just isn't a perfect body and that is absolutely ok! I feel that we have been pushed to judge our bodies so heavily and it creates this cloud of negativity surrounding how a body should look - it's so hard to carry this around all the time, and it's time we let this go." - Laxmi Hussain, Continuously discovering you

My heart's first home, my mother

"Mothering is a lifelong journey, and often starts long before the baby. If you have ever been asked to "watch the baby" you could say, for some, it starts then. It is a moment of temporary responsibility and, a lifetime of moments mingled into ambition, relationships, exploration and perhaps a touch of overwhelming dread...
This collection explores a glance at those moments, the frightening start of motherhood, the body which perhaps takes us through this, the closeness of mothering which continues into adulthood and the village that we might be fortunate to have support us, like those who'll carry our babies when we can't." - Laxmi Hussain, My heart's first home, my mother

In The Flesh

This curation is on show at our exhibition 'In The Flesh'. It was on display at 105 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8NQ from 25th November to 19th December 2021. This will be the first time that the artists of Partnership Editions have come together in a physical space since lockdown has lifted, and it celebrates the very fact that we're able to see their works in person again. We embrace the many purposes of an exhibition: a way to unite artists and collectors, and an opportunity to engage with both people and art - something we've all been deprived of for too long. The works in this exhibition have been selected based on their exceptional skill and power to communicate. See their colours, their textures, experience their emotions, let them get under your the flesh.

Drop 6 - Winter 2021

"I think as many of us approach the close of this year a lot of us with be in a period of reflection. So much has happened since and at the same time it still feels like so much time has been spent in some form of stillness. My moods reflect gratitude as well as a sense of intimacy which often tends to vulnerability. I have brought together this collection which revisits some of the thoughts I have explored over the past year and those feelings. A lot of my work now reflects fragments, the everchanging vessel over time, over a viewpoint and over one body. I like to connect these many views, bring them together and then move them apart, like myself, they can speak of confidence, of vulnerability and of connection. I've tried to bring this to life in some of the pieces in this collection, that, if possible, some of them may live side by side, some days they might be together, some days they might be above, or below, separated slightly or seemily tightly packed together - perhaps an ever-evolving piece of work that the viewer may see their own reflections in, those of tenderness, or hope, vulnerabilty, maybe strength and of course evolution, whether we like it, or not." - Laxmi Hussain, Reflections In Blue

The Debut Home Collection

"Exploring the continuing change of the human vessel has been something I've been really intrigued by in the past year or so. I've always thought it was important for us to understand the fact that our bodies are diverse, but looking inwardly over the pandemic I've never really embraced the fact that my own body adapts, changes, swells and shrinks, blooms and transitions. We all embrace the seasons and although we love/hate certain aspects about each one, we accept that these are normal transitions in life and know or learn how to move through each one.

Being able to explore very different mediums, expecially the techniques needed for me to translate my work to these, I adapted, I learned, I embraced the different vessels, I moved through them and with them. It was enjoyable and I presented pieces I wish to explore further. I like that these changes have sparked new interest, I like that they can be playful and adaptable, and their different uses can be explored and expressed throughout different times of day or different seasons." - Laxmi Hussain, Evolution of Vessels

Drop 4 - High Summer 2021

"Every year I spend the lead up to the summer months worrying about how we're going to tackle the summer holidays and find the childcare. Every year, we somehow manage to figure it out. This collection of work studies my past year more intimately, having another baby, pursuing art as a full time career (after working full time for so long), being given the opportunity through the pandemic to spend so much more time with my family and being a mother again. In previous summers I've always sent my children back to school in September with such bittersweet feelings, when I worked full time I spent so much time away from our home life I missed them so much.

Motherhood has tested my patience and my spirit beyond most things I have ever experienced, but amongst the tired, the weary, and sometimes the autopilot mother, I am so wonderfully in love with my children. I have the best friendship in them and as they grow, I too learn, explore and create, finding ways that I can stay connected to them and hoping they never outgrow me. This collection explores my closeness to my children, our connection, but it also continues the conversations I have with myself in growing and adapting to my role as a mother. But also as the phrase 'Just a Mum' is often thrown around, there is so much to the person behind the children, the tireless efforts it takes to raising children and also pursuing passions can sometimes be overlooked. Parenthood, passions, work and life all whirl into one, and certain phases do not define all the layers of the person just because so much of their time sometimes seems to be consumed by raising children." - Laxmi Hussain, Just A Mum, A Return To Motherhood

Drop 3 - Summer 2021

“As summer approaches, it always reminds me of my favourite time of the year to paint. Flinging open the windows, the summer air, it is the most productive part of the year for me. However, it is also the time of year I scrutinise my body the most. I think about whether I will be able to share it comfortably with the world, whether my flesh is too exposed and whether those curves and bumps will be hidden under less clothes.

I started working on close ups of the body in early 2020, its an on-going conversation with myself, to honour those lumps and bumps, those parts of me I wouldn't necessarily take notice of and to enjoy them. I might not expose them all to the world, but in recognising and honouring those parts of me, it's like sitting at the edge of the sea, naked, and just enjoying the summer warmth on my skin.” - Laxmi Hussain, Summer’s Elegance, A Carefree Season

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