Linear Art

Throughout art history, artists such as Picasso, Matisse (and many more) have used the continuous line drawing - a fluid line, often drawn in one stroke that reduces the subject down to its most simplified and powerful form. 

These images often speak just as much about what is there as what is omitted - letting our eye and mind fill in the gaps on the page and this creating a more interactive and engaging experience for the viewer.

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About Linear Art

Artworks featured:
-Henri Matisse working on the murals for Vence Chapel, 1949
-Bull, horse, woman by Pablo Picasso, 1939 
-Foot with dollar bills by Andy Warhol, 1955 
-The measure of time by Joan Miró, 1960 
-"Vierge à l'enfant debout" by Henri Matisse, 1949
-Nude with Bracelet by Henti Matisse, 1940

"Before he did all those lovely line drawings, Matisse would make really detailed charcoal drawings and tear them up. He wouldn't leave them about... I understand what he was doing: discovering what's there... to make the line meaningful, to find a linear solution..." - David Hockney

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