Loreto Figueroa

Loreto Figueroa was born in the North of Chile in the 3rd region of Atacama. Two years ago she dedicated her practice to stoneware ceramics. She works by hand without the use of moulds and without a lathe. She’s interested in the fact that each piece is unique, half crooked, rare, wild; like the nature.

“I see candelabras as the roots and trunks of trees, the pots as silhouettes moved by the wind. I think this interests me a lot, the movement, the rhythm of the object, of things in general.”

Photography by Agustin Quiñones 

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The Home Open Call Collection

"In this collection I try to capture my work of jars and candlesticks in the most abstract and synthesised way possible, they are the works that I have been doing for a year, but giving them a change." - Loreto Figueroa, The Girl of the North

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