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Lunar Art

The Moon has been a subject of our amusement and longing for centuries, allowing artists to look at the night's sky for inspiration. To celebrate this eternal source of creativity, here are some of our favourite Partnership Editions lunar themed artworks.

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About Lunar Art

From as early as the Bronze Age, artists have been able to reconcile their portrayals of the Moon with religious and philosophical beliefs through astrological studies and symbology. When the celestial body was reached by men in 1969 it brought a sense of closeness to all mankind, yet the Moon has still remained a symbol of mystery and elusiveness for artists to explore.

Featured Artworks: 
-Le Monde by Man Ray, 1931 
-Le seize septembre by René Magritte, 1957 
-The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau, 1897 
-The Happy Donor by René Magritte, 1966 
-Endymion and Selene by Victor Florence, Mid 19th Century

"Artists use the moon symbolically, but the ways in which they paint it often bear little relationship to scientific discoveries," Caroline Campbell, director of research at the National Gallery in London, said. "The Moon is a very powerfull way of showing the 'other'. Something alien and different."

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