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Mina Katebi

Mina is heavily inspired by Iranian carpets and their motifs, as well as the movement of 'the spiral'. She views the spiral motion as a move towards purification and leaving out the bad, undesired and destructive thoughts and giving way to the presence of truth, beauty and true love. An integral part of her work is the tension between what is seen and what lies hidden beneath the surface. Her process is totally unique, it is one of building up and then destroying by sanding and discovering the beautiful patterns and marks that emerge beneath the surface. Her paintings can each take months at a time.

Mina Katebi lives and works in Tehran, Iran. In the summer of 2014 she completed a Master of Art on Islamic Art and Persian Painting at TMU in Tehran. She has participated in various solo and group exhibitions internationally. 

"I am one with my paintings, and my paintings are me. I draw and erase, write and sand. I build and destroy. I apply the thick gesso on the outer layer to restore the indentations and fill the cracks. Still, another pattern emerges, and another thought surfaces. Patterns upon patterns, ideas upon ideas. I cover it up again. I sand, and another design arises." — Mina Katebi

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'Like vivid bridges between the past and the present, Katebi’s mesmerizing patterns transcend time and awakens imagination' — Katarina Matsson, Editor at ELLE Decoration Sweden and Podcast host

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