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Ruby Kean

Ruby Kean is a New York based artist, living and working between New York and London, her hometown. Working predominantly in 3D collage her 7 year career in Interior design has informed a style which encompasses space, depth and texture.

Ruby’s work is both charming and intriguing as she combines a vast array of elements and materials with a strong sense of design. Her framed collages are like miniature entryways into other worlds. The compositions behind the glass are intricate and delicate, they are there to be looked at and explored. Much like a living space her collages combine thoughtful combinations that show intention and meaning with the strikingly decorative and ornamental.

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Ruby's Style

Ruby's latest collection, The Souvenir Collection, encapsulates the faded memories of a beloved holiday, the scraps and trinkets hoarded and preciously guarded to keep the memory alive of lazy days and inspiring magic moments. They are snapshots into the golden hour evoking the feeling as the sun dips low in the sky and the last golden embers trail away. They are that thrilling moment you discover a market gem or a special place you dare to believe is your own. These textural three dimensional pieces bring to life the charm and essence of a long hot summer and the talismans we create to preserve the memory.


Her previous collection ‘Alchemy and Mysticism’ explored the ancient practice of Alchemy. Colourful and textured miniature realms sit inside architectural structures that, in their crisp architectural precision, pay homage to a practice that was once the pinnacle of advancement and discovery. Within these delicately constructed tributes to classical architecture, Ruby used ethereal imagery to explore the evolution of Alchemy. 

"I love the way collage is a process of bringing together an array of inspirations ideas and textures to create something entirely new. By stitching together a variety of materials, I can be detailed in the way I communicate a theme or idea and tell a layered an emotive story." - Ruby Kean

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Drop 5 - Winter 2020

Twelve Keys brings together 12 unique collage artworks by artist Ruby Kean. Continuing her exploration of space and place in her previous series ‘A Chance Meeting’ , Kean has created delicate combinations, layered and intricate which is indicative of her style. The name for the collection is born from the idea that each artwork is itself a key, unlocking a door into a space that moves between reality and the imaginary. These entirely invented portals are bright and beguiling, grazing the fringes of the surreal yet all at once, familiar.

Drop 3 - High Summer 2020

Kean’s on-going collection "A Chance Meeting" encapsulates the memory of our most treasured experiences and moments before we entered this period of distance and isolation. Kean has created an additional six collage artworks in her continued ode to chance meetings with people and place that have been paused in the months that have past, and that we anticipate in days to come. Encapsulated through textured paper layering Kean’s collages provide a transportative quality that capture the beauty in memory of place and time.

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