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Suhaylah H

Suhaylah is a compulsive note-taker in many forms – writing, sketching, collecting objects, recording sounds, and images – a practice which combined itself quite naturally with a love of walking and hiking since childhood. To Suhaylah, making art is an extension of this. Studying both Environmental Geography and Comparative Literature at university created a greater curiosity for these already deeply ruminative practices, steeped in symbolism.

"Inspired by my evening walks, these six paintings recall that mysterious and invitingly warm space on the fringe of a darkness, where the plants glow, light shimmers around clusters of historic rocks, and the remnants of tall ruins stand waiting like old friends trapped in time." — Suhaylah H

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July Drop 2023

"I had a dream some time ago in which I came across a large tower structure while walking out in the countryside. I wanted to explore the tower but failed to do so properly before I awoke. These paintings are the imagined views from this dream tower, sitting within a vast garden of foliage bursting through the tower's windows and gates." - Suhaylah H, The Lost Tower Views

The Artist Open Call Collection

'Suhaylah’s work stood out immediately for the fluidity of the strokes, the dreamlike quality of the palette and almost ecstatic use of light' — Mollie E Barnes, Independent curator and Founder of The Residency

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